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Sexing 3 week old pups?

Hi, i just had a litter of 6 adorable little rat pups, which i am all keeping <3 However, i want to sex them so i can name them! Can you sex them this young? They all look the same when i compaire...they have a space. But then i looked at mum and she has a space. So i am fully confused.

Can someone help me out here? Thanks

P.s. I may post this on other forums, so if you see it twice, sorry!
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Go to and toward the bottom of the navigation click the link "Sexing Young Rats". There are descriptions and photos that may help. Congrats on your new babies.
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Romping Ratties
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Are you a breeder? I own Romping Ratties Rattery in Oregon. I can sex all of my babies on day one, but it is harder for those without experience. Is this your first litter? How did the babies come about? The males will have a larger space between the urethra and anus, whereas the females will be very close together. Depending on what color babies you have, darker male babies will have a scrotum dark spot so you can easily see they have testicles. At this age, nipples should be highly visible on the females, in rows on each side of the abdomen. Hope this helps!
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Thanks so much for your help!

Romping Ratties, this is indeed our first "accident" per say. 6 healthy pups, not a runt in the litter! I am so proud!

I do work in a pet store, but never had experiance with baby baby rat pups before, usually when the rats come in, you'd hafta be pretty stupid not to know the difference since the testicules are decended and all. But these were a bit of a challange. We have 3 girls, and 3 boys! Even split

However the pups were a surprise, so harry has already gotten vodka pregnant again. I feel terrible for her, since i know backbreeding is very stressful on her. Harry has been put in a seperate cage, and when the pups are weaned and seperated he will get the 3 boys to play and cuddle with.

Is there anything i can feed vodka or anything to give her a boost of much needed vitamins? I know with chins you can put some cranberry juice (100 percent) in there for a little boost, do you guys or Romping ratties do you have any suggestions?

We are keeping the rats from the litter, plan on buying a BIG cage (one for males and one for females) and babies are just adorable I love them
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Well i am possitive that Vodka is pregnant again because tonight she just BLEW up in shes going to have another litter soon.

Question, she has the litter of 3 week old pups, what do i do when she has this litter? They are too young to pull from her aren't they? Although they are eating hard food, should i wait the full 4 weeks?

I appriciate all your time and patience with me, i am just worried for my poor baby vodka
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