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Is She Pregnant?

I was at a Petco the other day and bought four mice. All four seem rather large, and I was concerned that they were perhaps pregnant. I have checked, and re-checked and am sure all four are female. I attempted to take pictures of one, but she was a bit frisky so please forgive the blurry-ness.
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Emm from the pictures hun in my opinion yeah i think she looks it ..
But the pictures are blurry and i ain't no expert sorry hun.
Maybe some people on here can help you out!!

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Yah, like I said she wasn't very cooperative. Anyone else got any ideas?
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Well if they seem to have gotten larger since you brought them home it is also possible they put on a little weight from a richer food or less competition for food.If they are all getting larger that is most likely it though I suppose they could all be pregnant in which case you might need some more space. O.O If one is getting a lot larger there is the chance that she is but it is hard to be sure til you reach the last few days when they really show. Mice don't show a lot until the very end. If she is you should consider that you may have bought her pregnant, mice can breed before they are even weened so it would be up to other people to ensure that this didn't happen. So, not your fault. Don't separate her from the others unless they are fighting since in many cases the nanny thing works. If you suspect, do the research, if she isn't no worries, if she is you'll know what to do.
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The reason I say it like this is cus one of my babies is just fat fat fat. lol We thought we bought her pregnant but it's been a few months since we got her and I think it is safe to say she isn't. However she weighs twice as much as our other baby and they don't get along very well so they live in seperate cages an we are researching diet mouse food for her. lol
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I bred mice a few years ago, however don't remember quite what a pregnant mouse looks like..... They were housed with about 60 others, so my guess is that they could have easily gotten pregnant if there were males in there. I know how to take care of the babies, but am not sure if she is just a little over weight. Looking at the pictures now though I would say that she does look a little pregnant.
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If you got her from petco there is a VERY big change she could be pregnant. Every time I go in there there is a little mouse with nuts running around with the females...EVERY SINGLE TIME. What do they say? Oh they're snake food they'll get sold quickly ..
Anyway she does look pregnant to me. She has a very prominent belly that just doesn't look like fat. Are all the other ones gaining weight too? It is true that they will gain weight after coming home because they are probably getting better food then those crappy lab blocks they feed at the pet store.
Just keep an eye on them and give them a milk bone or a few bits of dog food for the protein. Other then that all you can do is wait. Mice really start to show in the last week of pregnancy (she almost looks like she's in her second week in that pic...that is if she's not just fat)
If she starts to get really pear shaped just get some supplies together to help house the babies. Bin cages are cheap and easy to make if you're strapped for cash.

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