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Exclamation spending time

i am getting worried that i dont spend enough time with my rats. over spring break i have been gone alot, but when i am home i do mess with them a hour or more a day. i have 4 rats so they dont get lonely. i feel bad about leaving them often. every weekend i am gone friday to sunday. my mother takes care of the rats, and even feeds them treats. but she doesnt get them out. i dont really blame her. they are my rats and its my job. is going 3 days without letting them out of thier cage as mean as i feel it is. when i am home they are always showered with attention, and if they do live by routine they know on the weekends they will not be let out. they do have lots of toys and everything like that to keep them busy, but i do feel bad because i have been gone 3 or 4 days at a time lately.
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Is it possible to take your rats with you on the weekend? I know how you feel owning many myself. I will be leaving on a trip in a week and during that time my bf will be caring for them. I feel bad knowing he will not take them out but sometimes we have to sacrifice time, even though it's hard. Just make sure you give them as much time as you can when you are there. It's good you have more than one. That is fantastic!

Perhaps maybe ask a rat loving friend (without other rodents for illness reasons) to come spend a few hours with them each day while you are away. If you are thinking of rehoming them that's up to you, but it may do worse in the long run. You are obviously a very caring rat mommy and love your rats a lot, it's obvious from your post. I wouldn't worry too much. Perhaps before adding another animal companion make sure you will have that time to give to them. Don't beat yourself up though. There are some things we just can't control.
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I agree, that it sounds like you are doing the best that you can. As a stay at home mother, who is usualy home, I too have to admit that there are times when my ratties do not get alot of out time. If I have an ill child with something that I think might hurt the rats they do not get much people time durring that time. But we make up for it as soon as we can, and they do have rat companionship always. Think about the alternative. If you were to place them, you can never be sure what kind of care they are given in their new home...I would just keep doing your best, as you already are.
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