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Squeaky Stories

Do you have a funny, sad, cool or bland story you want to share? Any good pictures of your mousey or ratty? This is the place for them, please include pictures, though it doesn't have to be from the story. My goal is ten story's before the 15 or 16, i haven't decided. Feel free to post more than one story, just in a different post of course!

Willy (Male) (Dad's Place)
Sweety (Female) (Dad's Place)
Maddy (Female) (Mom's Place

Shelby (Female) (Mom's Place)

Oreo, the Queen (RIP)

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I have a very sad story to tell when i lost my rattie toto.
I remember when i first went into their room novo and toto's room, and toto was making a really weird noise i thought he was sneezing and i went over and lifted him out and he stopped. But then when he was out running around with his brother he just got out of breath to quickly and novo knew this because he would stop and go and see if his brother was ok. So i left him for a few days, i just thought he was acting up or maybe feeling a wee bit ill. A few days later his breathing got really weird like a whistling noise it was as if he was choking sometimes, so i sat for about 3 hrs trying to find a vet that would look at him no luck ! Noone here in northern ireland loooks at rats, i sat with my baby for around 3 hrs and put him to bed, and went into check on him in the morning.. he was just laying there breathing HEAVILY novo was cuddled up to him my boy looked as if he was starved to death he was so scruffy and pale, i tried to lift him out but novo wouldnt let me, when i got him out i phoned round all the vets and got one who gave me antibiotics.. about a half day later he got really bad, i sat and nursed my baby for about 2 hrs because i knew it would probally be the last time i would see his little whiskers tickle my cheek, i just sat there staring at him and watching novo prance about like a little toddler around the room and i could see toto wanting to join him but he was too weak. I took him to the vets when my bf arrived home and the vet took us right in and as soon as the vet took a look at him his face dropped he told us that he was to far gone that he was semi consious, that to let him go would be the best thing the vet took him out the door and came back in and told me he passed away quickly i just broke down into shock i was screaming the vet was really shocked at my reactions but i could tell he felt really sorry.
And you wanna know what make me smile tho ? even tho i knew he was passing over? on the way to the vets in the car all he done was brux, and that was the first time EVER i had heard him do that

Rip Novo, Mummy Loves You x
"To close your eyes will not ease another's pain."
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aww Claire that brought tears to my eyes.

I have one.

It was my friends birthday this summer and we went to the movies and right next to the movie theater was a large mall with a pet store. i had brought 20$ to give to my friend but he wouldn't take it so my friend and i headed into the pet store we started talking and came up with the idea that we would get one mouse and would keep it with But with out our parents noticing (forgot to mention that i would have the mouse one week and he would have it the other). after thinking it over my friend went up to the clerk and asked for a mouse for his "pet snake". this being a crappy pet store they didn't mind giving a "must be 16 years of age or older to purchase" pet. The clerk came back and said that they had no mice. we were just about to leave when i walked by the rat cage and noticed one cute, tiny, sneezy rat huddling in the corner of his empty cedar chip filled cage. i soon i saw her i new i wanted her. so we bought a bag of rat food and of course the rat. i agreed to take the rat for the first week. he left before me and almost as soon as he left i got a phone call from him saying to return it i looked down at the box and said no, there was no way that i was going to do that. i brought her home and kept her in a shoe box in my basement and then in a ten gallon tank. One night, i thought my mom was in bed so i let butler (thats what i named her) out in the washroom for a few minutes when i decided to put her in her cage. as soon as i opened the door my mom was there she saw butler. i cant remember her reaction but i started bawling lol. the next day she talked to my dad and i was allowed to keep her i got a cage within two days and two weeks later i got chef my other pudgier rat.

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