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The story of Speedy, the greatest mouse in the world

Hello all, this is the true story of Speedy, the greatest mouse in the world.

His story starts out with a very different animal, my pet cat Toteroe. I went out my front door one night to have a smoke (as is my custom) and as I was smoking I looked down and could hear something moving down by my feet. My first thought was it was a large insect maybe a spider, but whatever it was, it was behind our recycling bin. I moved the bin and was surprised to see a wild mouse. But something was very wrong with it, it's back legs didn't seem to work at all. As I was observing it my cat Toteroe appeared out of the dark of night and slapped the mouse. I knew then that Toteroe must have caught a mouse (something he does all the time) but he never had left one alive before. I shooed the cat away and stood for awhile just watching the poor crippled wild mouse. How he seemed terrified......and it broke my heart. I couldn't stand to see anything suffering as that mouse was.

I had owned feeder mice in the past and I still had one of my cages. I decided that if that mouse was going to die, I would make sure it died safe and warm with plenty of food and water. I knew I couldn't afford to take it to a vet and have it looked at/fixed. But I hoped at the very least I could ease its suffering. I filled the mouse cage with some bedding I still had left and gave it some old bread and nuts that I had around. I was saddened when the mouse died 1 day later. To be honest I was frustrated at my inability to make a difference in that mouses life. I consoled myself with the knowledge that at least it didn't die terrified, that I watched it eat and drink a couple more times. But I felt it wasn't enough.

I begin to think about the mice in pet stores like petco, etc. How most of them had the destiny to become food for some lousy cold-blooded reptile. How they are breed to die. I thought to myself, you know what I'd like to rescue a mouse that it wasn't to late for. I decided that I would "rescue" two feeder mice from becoming some snakes dinner.

I went to Petco a couple of day's later and was looking at the mice. As I said before I owned female feeder mice before but I didn't like the way they always pee'd and poo'd on me whenever I held them, so I decided to give males a try. I picked out an albino male (that I later named Atlas) and a cinnamon colored male from the same litter (that I later named Houdini).

I had cleaned out the mouse cage, and put in fresh bedding. Everything was all set to go when I put these two litter-mates into their fresh cage.

Everything seemed fine for the first couple of weeks. Then, rather suddenly Houdini became very sick and a couple days later he died. I looked it up on the internet and was very saddened to find out that often mice sold to places like petco.....die. That most of these mice come from factory farms where health.....isn't the main concern.

I became concerned then for Atlas, I didn't want him to be all alone for the rest of his life. I looked up on the internet about introducing male mice, and discovered it was possible. So I went back to the same petco, and bought another cinnamon colored mouse (enter: Speedy (named after speedy gonzolas). I was so nervous and scared as I introduced Atlas to Speedy. But these two were fine.

I must admit on day one Speedy surprised me. I put my hand down into the neutral box (where I introduced them) to try to fish one of them out to put in their actual cage, and Speedy jumped up into my hand. He did this voluntarily without any effort on my part at all. He sniffed my hand really well then started to lick me (perhaps to get the salts from my sweat.....I don't really know why he did it).

I waited a couple of days to see how those two would get along and was pleasantly surprised to see them cuddling up and sleeping together.

After giving him a couple of days to get used to his environment I decided to see if his jumping into my hand was a fluke or not, so I put my hand back into his cage. Again he came right up to my hand and hopped into it and started to clean himself. I was completely blown away, a petco mouse who's already hand trained......I am still dumbfounded.

To this day, Speedy is the greatest mouse I've ever owned. One of his favorite things to do is run around inside my flannel jacket while I'm wearing it. If anybody out there lives in Seattle and has an equally cool female mouse.....I would love to have one of speedy's offspring, I am interested in breeding this mouse please respond to this post if you enjoyed the story or if you have a female that you want to breed with Speedy in the Seattle area.
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