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Strange rat habits??

Since all rats are different, I was wondering if any owners out there have seen strange or funny habits from their rats. For example, when I put paper towel in the cage, my rat Pearl brings them down and covers up her food bowl up with them.
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When I give my rats sunflower seeds, my rat Bonnie will take one by one from my hand and go put them in her bowl, while the rest of the rats are eating the ones she put in the bowl, she just keeps bringing them to the bowl, never stopping to eat one haha. Then when shes done, she goes to the bowl (i think to eat her "stash") only to find that there's none there, and then she begs me for more.

One of my boys, Max, loves to sleep on his back inside his bowl. Sometimes he looks dead because all of his fat body is inside the bowl and just his head and feet are hanging over the edge so I can't see his tummy moving from breathing, and it freaks me out every single time. haha.
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I have three kids, one is named Bishop, my first and the middle child. HE IS FREAKIN OBSESSIVE WITH FOLDING THE CORNERS OF HIS CAGE FLOOR TOWELS. He always wants to see what im doing. If you call him or make enough noise he'll find you and want to climb you. Hes also always at the front of the cage just waiting for me to show up. Little bugger!

Nymph is a chewer and a very hard one to catch. However hes also the one who gives you those strange moments of quite with belly rubs and ear tickles. He really is terribly cute and his rather extreme ups and downs make me wonder. One minute hes fleeing for dear life when you try to touch him the next hes licking on you hands. Nymph is a crazy fantasy creature i cant keep up with.

SweetPea has some kind of tooth fetish. His teeth are fine, ive had him vet checked. He doesnt chew on anything often. However hes is always putting his teeth around things. My hand for example. He'll just tuck his lower and upper jaw over my knuckle. And sit there. Doesnt put pressure down and doesn't intend to bite or even lick. Just sits happily. He also loves gnawing hay into dust.

Oh what an odd bunch ive sewn.
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My boy has a habit of hiding in underneath my armpit to hide his face to sleep
Everytime without fail he does it.

Rip Novo, Mummy Loves You x
"To close your eyes will not ease another's pain."
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