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Stuck Silent Spinner (What do I do???)

Okay so my Silent Spinner wheel for my mice ladies is stuck. I have two of these and I've never had one stick before. I don't know what to do. It spins but I really have to twist it to get it to spin. It's an effort for ME to do it, no less one of my three fuzzies.

Anyone else have this problem? I keep it clean, and it was spinning fine yesterday so I'm not sure what the problem could be.

I've been having a hard enough time getting them to exercise lately with how hot it's been, a busted wheel isn't going to help the situation Hope someone knows what to do.
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Well I would take it out (If possible) and examine it very closely. I have never had this problem before. But if you dont find anything then I would buy a new wheel. I know thats an inconvenience for you but it might help your little moisies get some exercise! Good luck!
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What is a "silent spinner" wheel? I just use the regular old metal ones and when they squeek, I oil them with vegetable oil. Is there anything that needs to be lubricated?
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Unscrew the yellow cap in the center and take off the wheel part. They may have gotten something stuck, maybe a seed or bit of shavings that needs to come out.
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Hello Earthling
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This is an old thread

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