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Update on my ratties

So, I came up to stay with my animals for 2 days while my ex is out of town. I finally had the courage to go in and see how my rats are, and which ones are left. It was really sad for me to not see some of the ones that I wanted to see. I cleaned out their cages and took a few pics.

Here's the girls:

Maddie in front, with some babies in the back

Bella! Who is still doing great since the abscess she had on her jaw

Bonnie and Sookie



And here's the boys

Just keep in mind that this is NOT their cage, I just put them in this 55 gal aquarium while I was cleaning their cage and it was easier to take pics in it since there are so many of them.

There are 25 baby boys. The one with the blaze in the front of the pic, has a pink eye and a ruby eye. There's a female that looks just like him too.

To my GREAT surprise, Clyde is still alive! I was told he wasn't... so that made me super happy. He's my oldest boy, and the sweetest ever, he treats the babies like he's their mommy haha.

And Max! With the little hooded boy that had the heart on his tummy

I've decided to take 6 of the ratties home with me, 3 boys and 3 girls, all are younger. The older rats are fine here for now, my ex's daughter holds them every day. But she is afraid of the babies, so she doesn't hold them. The babies aren't mean or anything, they are just a little afraid of people right now, because for a few crucial weeks in their lives, no one has held them or touched them.

They don't bite, they just hide at first. But they are still very curious, so after a while of me just sitting at the cage with the door open, they all started coming up to my hand and sniffing me. One boy even started licking me right away. It was the black hooded male with the heart on his tummy, one of Maddies babies. Some of them aren't afraid to be picked up either. But some will try to run if I go to pick them up. But they come running right back, wanting me to pet them.

I talked to my ex this morning, and I told him that he should start petting the rats, they really like it. Even if its just when he goes in to feed them, give the ones that come running up a little pat. He said he would start doing that.

The boy babies are SO big. And you can see the definite size difference between the 2 litters that were born on the same day, and the litter that came a few weeks later. One of Maddies boys, the tan and white hooded male, is HUGE compared to the others, even the ones from his litter. He's one of the ones I'm taking home, as well as the black hooded male, and one of the black and white boys from the 2 week younger litter.

The girls I'm taking are, the all brown girl and the blue hooded, both from Maddies litter, and the light tan and white blazed odd eye girl.

So I'll have some good pics of them once I get home later tonight. The girls I'm taking aren't in any of those pics because I had already moved them to another cage.

I'm just taking 2 smaller cages for now, to keep these 6 in. Once they get bigger, I have some big ferret cages that they will be in.

The only thing I'm worrying about is that, there WAS 5 young boys in with the young girls after my ex sexed them. He mis-sexed 5 boys. He noticed a few days ago, and moved them in with the other boys. So I'm hoping none of these little girls are pregnant..... That would not be good.... Ugh all of this is so stressful.
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thanks for the great update!
2 of those babies look exactly like clyde! it's so cute

I'm glad you get to take 6 with you! keep the pictures comin, we love them
the babies are so big and cute! I want to give them all hugs and kisses! soooo cute!
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Thanks Those 2 tan ones are the biggest ones out of all the boys too, they are taking after Clyde in size also, haha.

I kind of changed my mind on one of the boys that I'm taking. I'm gonna take the blue boy instead of one of the black ones. I was giving the boys some treats and the blue one climbed into my hand and he wouldn't get out... it was too cute. I'm gonna upload some pics of them in a minute, I was just playing with the boys, they are so sweet.
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Here's pics of the boys I'm taking. Still trying to think up names. Any suggestions? I prefer people names.

And I know the cage is a little small for all 3 of them, but they can fit through the bars on the bigger cage that I have. They grow fast, so they'll be in the big cage really soon. Plus, once I get them home, they won't be in the cage much.

His little heart is so cute still.

He didn't want to come back out, he was sleeping, so I just took some pics of him in the cage.

The tan one is really sweet, he's the largest boy out of them all, he's a little scared though. When I was holding him, he jumped off my hand onto the chair and tried to climb down the side and when i picked him back up he did a little squeak noise. They just aren't used to being handled anymore..

The black and white one is very adventurous, when I open the cage, he always runs right to the door, like he is trying to protect his home. But I rub the top of his head and he lays down and closes his eyes. He willingly takes treats from me and runs back for more. He squeaked one time the very first time I petted him, but that's it. He's always the first one to greet me, he's very curious about everything.

And the blue one is the cutest thing. He just lays there when I open the cage, and lets me pet him, he seems to love his cheeks being rubbed, he gets really relaxed and closes his eyes and stretches his arms out. If I open my hand in front of him, he will climb right on.

They are all so cute, its hard for me to only choose 3 of each sex. >.< The girls are much more scared than the boys, I think the boys took after Clyde and Max's calm, cool personalities. So the girls will need more work with socializing. And I was just talking to my sister, she's going to take the 3 girls to her house, so I can concentrate on these boys and she can give the 3 girls all of her attention. Maybe I can take a few more boys then...
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so cuuuuuute!! the heart really is adorable! Maybe you can give him a name that has to do with it? In french to say i love you you can say je t'aime or Morgan de toi (it's less common but it exists) so maybe morgan would be cute? I know a guy named morgan i don't like, so I don't like the name but maybe you do! haha
Otherwise I really like Clyde but obviously that's already taken Clyde jr? haha
hihi more boys, more boys! I bet it's hard to only choose 6 considering how many you have over there! they all look so cute on the pictures!
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You're right, I was trying to think of a name that would have to do with the heart, because its so unique and cute. <3 Morgan would be a good name, but, like you, I know a girl named that that I really dont like Naming is so hard... especially boy names for me, I like coming up with cute girl names, but I'm no good at boy names lol.

Oh gosh, it is REALLY hard to just pick 3.... they are all so cute, I keep going in and bugging them. All of the boys are napping in a pile, and i keep waking them up... I think I might be annoying them , but I missed them so much! All my adult rats don't mind it though, they actually love me (lol), and are all excited when I go in the room with them.

The little black hooded boy I found out is very clumsy. I'll open the door to the cage and he'll start climbing out towards my hand, so I go to pet his back and he's like "Nevermind, i want back in the cage" and starts backing up slowly, and every single time, he tumbles over the edge backwards and lands sitting on his bottom like a human and just sits there for a minute, its so cute. He's silly. He does it over and over and over again haha.
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I have a girl with a heart on her underside just like that.[IMG][/IMG] Her name is hearts
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Aww how cute!! Same spot his heart is in. Too cute <3
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you should breed them and start a heard of heart bellied rats! hahaha!
I had a hard time coming up with a name for louna! I don't even like louna 100%, I have trouble with girl names, there's a lot of english ones i like but since i'm francophone, it's weird to have a name that is pronounced well only in english.
I liked Alto, because it's music oriented!
My friend's rat is named bruno, i thought that was cute until the movie bruno came out haha.
I like names that start in L usually... Lucas, Lorenzo, lou or in french Maurice, Gaston, Gaspard, Anatole, Jules... or Ben, Al, Pat, Max, Will, Mat... or Oliver, I really like oliver for a pet and for a human it's good too!
I would SO bug them every 2 seconds too! haha so cute
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I would have a hard time just picking three too! Whenever I look at the rescue near by, or classifieds where people can't keep their pets, I always want to take another in!
Hopefully you will be able to take more soon! With more pictures!
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I would take some if I were closer!

* Lisa *

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They are all so cute! I love seeing pictures of them The babies are getting so big and adorable. I remember when they were pinkies!

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I know... I can't believe how big they are now! I remember holding each and every one of them when they were first born, and then when they were just getting their fur, and seeing their eyes opening and taking tons of pics. And now I see them all grown up, its so weird. I remember each and every one of them as babies. It's great to see all of their unique personalities now and how they've grown into little ratty men and women haha.

I took out 10 of the babies at a time earlier and just laid on the bed with them and they were ALL swarming me... haha, it was so neat. They like to bite toes and fingers, not hard though, it tickles lol. Just as crazy as their first venture on the bed when they were a few weeks old.
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wow they are so cute. Are you gonna be able to get them all? I left a post about your dog asking if they were all still here or weather all had left but my question is know answered.
I have one names Black heat becuase he has a black heart od his side. He is going to a friend in the next couple of days though. I would name them lick Faith, lucky, hope, surviver, brave heart, moglie, clown for the clumsy one, soldger, name them after there hard ordeal they had and give them names that fit what they want threw but now they are safe with you agian.
I love the blue ones you have I love the blue ratts. I wish i could take some but I live way to far away. I hope things get much better for you and keep doing what you are doing you see to be a strong one and the fact your not giving up is what count.
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I will eventually take as many as I can... But now that my ex has decided he will keep the snakes, and not sell them, Some of these younger rats are going to be snake food. The older rats though, they are my babies, and I will take them eventually. My ex is not very "pet smart" and he has no idea how to breed rats.... so I'll probably end up having to walk him through it every time, just so i know for my own satisfaction that the moms are being treated right. My ultimate goal is to take the snakes once I get into a house. Their 8ft cages are way too big for me to take right now.

The 3 boys that I chose for now are doing great though. The tan and white one is the sweetest thing. He really likes me now, and isn't afraid anymore. It's great how trusting rats can be after so little time of being shown love.
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