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What kind of bedding do you use?

I've tried everything, but not much works around here. Milo seems to be allergic to almost everything and constantly sneezes. The only beddings he can handle are plain newspaper (which does nothing for odor control), cedar (which is supposed to be bad for them) and carefresh (which is very expensive, especially considering I have a cage with a large floor). Fortunately, the cedar doesn't seem to affect him in any type of bad way.

Just wondering what everyone else uses, in case I overlooked something that is available, but not sold at Petco (where I work). He's allergic to pine, the green/chlorophyl pine and aspen (which I bought for the degs, since cedar is supposed to be no good)
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I use a recycled paper base litter...it isn't the cheapest but not overly expensive (in the us you have yesterdays news that seems to be popular..I use breeder's choice), eliminates odours and the girls love ot play in it! I give them a few tissues to make a bed out of and they are done! It has worked for me for 18 months...is much cleaner than any type of shavings and much less hassle with storage etc as well!
Here is what I use http://www.fibrecycle.com/
Here is a link to yesterday's news...they sell it at petsmart! http://www.petsmart.com/global/produ...=1107413688389

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Please keep him off of cedar and pine, no matter what. Both will cause long term problems with his lungs (or any small animal for that matter). Yesterday's News is great as well as Cell-Sorb Plus and Gentle Touch Aspen Pellets. If you want to use a wood based, shavings type of bedding you can use aspen - but stay far away from pine and cedar.
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i use shredded news paper in my rat cage. but like you said, no odor controll. i only have two rats and i clean there cage twice a week. i am alergic to EVERY bedding i have tried for my boys. i worry so much about bedding being to dusty for my rats, so i like to use the shredded newspaper becuase its dustless.
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I use carefresh, I actually find it to be one of the cheaper beddings out there. However kimsarkrescue.org sells a cheaper version from Harlan, you can check that out. I als oagree DO NOT keep him on Cedar, even if he dosn't show signs now it can and WILL cause longterm damage to his respiratory tract and internal organs.
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both pine and cedar are very toxic to all animals....

I use yesterdays news, which is sold in the cat litter section. it's a pelleted paper product and works wonders for odors (especially with the amount of cages/pets I have)

Also, I know people who use with success:
Walnut bedding (sold in the bird section)
hemp bedding
guinea pig pellets (yep.. the food for guinea pigs)
corn cob bedding (I shy away from this, as it also can get moldy very fast and cause problems)

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I use corn cob bedding. It works fine for me.
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Is he allergic to Aspen,corncob? They are both safe. I use Carefresh though I know it's expensive, It's worth it.
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Yep, he seems to be allergic to aspen. It's been awhile since I've tried it. Maybe I'll give it one more shot and see if he starts having sneezing fits again (I have some for the degus). Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll turn out that he just had a cold last time.

I thought about trying corncob, but one of my coworkers said that she's had some small animals try and eat it, and I wasn't sure if that was safe?
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I use paper towels on the bottom because i have spent quite a while potty training her, it needs to be cleaned more often in the beginning, but it is inexpensive and very convenient, i also give her kleenexes for actual bedding, (paper towels cover the floor). Just an idea if yours can be potty trained.
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corn cob, corn cob bedding, guinea pig, guinea pig pellets, potty train, potty trained, potty training, rat cage

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