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Excuse my ignorance about rats, but do they really use those wheels? The cage I got has a big plastic wheel in it, very nice but takes up a lot of room. I'll leave it in if they use it.
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i took our out because it took up a lot of room and they never used it
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I have a wodent wheel for mine (it's rat safe) and I always have at least one rat of the batch that will use it. I hang it from the ceiling of the cage so it doesn't take up extra space. Usually it's only the girls that run on it, the males are too lazy. heehee
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Well, I took out the wheel. I really should of left it in to make sure they don't use it. I never saw them in it once. It just makes it really hard to clean the cage and also Subaru the shy one hides behind it so this will make it easier for me to get her. I think I'll hang a hammock from the ceiling. I can have room to put boxes at the bottom now.
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Linda Lee - A hammock is a good idea, my rats that I used to have loved theirs. However, my two new ratties who are less than 2 months old chewed the hammock that I purchased for them last week. I think I will wait until they are a bit older to get them another. They completely demolished it, and never laid in it. I would left it in hoping they would eventually find the joy in lying in it, but they chewed it so much that two of the hooks became disconnected from the hammock itself. Just a thought, I don't know how your ratties will treat it, but watch out!
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Yeah, I remember when I had the male rats when ever they could pull in a towel or clothe I had laying under their cage - some how they would get it in and rip it to shreds! No fabric for them. But I had polar fleece in the new girls cage yesterday and they didn't chew on it, so maybe they won't be fabric distroyers. I'm putting in a old hammock I don't care about first.
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out of 20 rats that i have owned over the years only two i had would run on a wheel. i will never buy another hammok from a pet store again. it was all chewed up in a week. a waste of 15 dollars
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