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Which of your Ratties do you love the very most??

I went into intros and said my hello's. Now here is a topic for discussion:

With so many babies it is hard to decide which one I love the most. If I had to choose just one, it would be:

Rosie -- she was my first. She spent the first 2 months of her life with us alone. She learned to identify with with her people. She snuggles, bruxxes and boggles. She prefers to be with us than any of the ratties in her life. I love her the best.

Boo -- she is independent. She loves to be the "only rat". When I pass the cage, she is the one that clambors to get out and be on my shoulder. She sits with me and bruxxes in my cleavage. I love her the best.

Smokie -- she is my hyper girl. She loves to sit in my shirt at the computer in between her "hyperness" and, I am sure, listens to my heart. She fluffs my hair and sticks her nose in my ear. I love her the best.

Skooter -- she is my hyper/snuggly girl. she is the last one to sleep and the first one to get up in the afternoon begging to get out. She love to groom my ears, nostrils and mouth. I can't resist. She is so cute. I just love to give her belly kisses. I love her the best.

Ben -- My little bachelor man. He has chosen to live along and not with the girls since his neutering. I just love him. He wants to get out all the time and sit on my shoulder. He sits for a long time and just enjoys my company. When he and I are alone he snuggles. When we play on the bed he runs around me and on me like there is no tomorrow. He loves to be picked up and snuggled. He doesn't like being away from his people. His new buddy is my husband. I love him the best.

Jerry(RIP) -- My independent little man (sort of). He just recently has decided he doesn't like being picked up. But once he is on my shoulder and with me, he settles down and cuddles. When we are on the bed with his brother, he is the follower. He will stop frequently and just cuddle and let me scritch his neck and give him little nose kisses. He loves being with me. I love him the best.

It is so hard to decide.
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It's definitely tough to choose, and I always feel so bad that I have a "favorite" rat. But just a few of my favorite things they each do.

Nemo- he is my sweetie. When I let them out to run on my bed, he comes running to me, hops on my shoulder, curls up under my hair and takes a nap. He has an obsession with my face (lol), and tries to climb in my mouth, sticks his nose up mine, and tries giving my eyes kisses. He doesn't mind that I tickle and kiss his belly, and just puts up with all the lovin'.

Squirt- how can I not love him? It was so difficult to get him to trust me, and now that he does he is so sweet. No, not to the extent that Nemo is, but any progress out of him was great. He's my big squishy man, and even though he's more hyper and would rather explore things, knows when I am upset and he will turn into my lap rat in a second to cheer me up.

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I love both of mine, but something about Sundae just really touches me. She is so sweet and calm, and she was my first rattie. I love Peaches too, and she is still a baby so it will be great to see what her personality is like as she grows up.
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I can't choose either! Although I have always had a soft spot for Hales, but that doesn't make her my favorite. I think I just see her as more delicate and girly.

Hailey - she is my butterball. We call her tubs cuz she is a tad bit CHUBBY! hehe. (my fault, I am sure). She is very motherly towards her cagemates and she is so feminine in the way she cleans herself and snuggles to sleep.

Shauna - she is ACTIVE! she can never sit still, and her need to explore is so wonderful, as she is very intelligent and can tell when things are different than before.

Starlette - she is very mellow and calm, and very fun to just cradle in your palm and snuggle. She is also my only mouse who gives kisses with her little tongue! Just like a dog!

Candice - she is very personable and loves clambering on the cage in order to get out and get a little attention. She gets jealous when I hold anyone else, so I know she is "mommy's little girl"

Foxie - well, I just got her! But she has already warmed up to me so fast and has the SOFTEST fur ever! So I love stroking her, and her bright little eyes are so adorable.

haha, there is my list!
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You guys are making me want to get a third girl!
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sit still

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