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Hi all,
first post on this forum.
Took my 7-yr old female chin to vet last week for tubular pencil diameter stools.
She was still eating and in usual spunky spirits.

She stopped eating 4 days later, (except treats - only 1 a day), producing little to no stool. WAS drinking.

Went back to vet yesterday. Teeth great, bones great, eyes shiny, no problems except callouses on feet. Spunky, noisy. Vet said never seen so healthy, so big (600 grams) a 7 yr old in such great condition. stool samples normal.

Put on 5 different meds, for gastro-intest, yeast and bene bac. also on that powder food mix... which she loves. Chilla smoothie.

Took exrays. Vet said everything looked great except could see a dark mark that looked like uterus. said shouldn't be able to see uterous on x rays.....
1) is this true?

2) recommended hysterectomy/spayed in 2 weeks when feeling better. Is this safe sugery? How worried should I be...what about the anesthesia??? Chilla too old?

vet says not too typical a surgery- but femal reproductive issues common in chillas. seen many instances of chilla surgery on web, but just don't know since requires general anethesia.

Or since she seems much better on the drugs within just one day...should let nature take its course???

need experienced advice on this one. Love her so much.

thanks in advance to all.
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I have a chin around the same age, but male.. so he doesnt have any similar problems..

I havent had any of my guys go through surgery, so I'm not much help. But good luck!
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m c
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Our Gizmo just had surgery last week for what turned out to be ulcers causing a severe backup in his stomach. The indicator was drooling, which we initially thought was malocclusion. We knew the risk going into surgery but opted for that over the clear, but unknown discomfort we experiencing. Surgery went fine, they cleaned the entire contents of his stomach at which point they found what they are confident were ulcers. They were unsure of the cause of the ulcers but pointed to the chinchilla mix food as a possible culpit. He survived surgery and came through recovery fine. We expect to bring him home this afternoon once the vet gives him a final 'once over' to see if he's digesting and passing food as he should.
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Kansas City Chinchillas
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I would get a second opinion on a uterine problem and avoid surgery if possible.

Kansas City Chinchillas

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post #5 of 14 (permalink) Old 06-13-2006, 06:37 PM
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I would stay away from surgery too unless absolutely necessary. Surgery on a chin is as delicate as us having heart surgery. I recommend asking Jade about this one, she might be able to recommend a differen't doctor to see for a second opionion.
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didn't get second opinion..but chilla pulled through

we ended up giving it 4 weeks with meds and toward the end ended up force feeding. Got her a sonogram, which revealed enlarged ovaries, fallopian tubes and utererous.

I am glad I trusted our vet, she was right on the money.
We did the surgery, a complete spay, for $600 sum total just for the surgery, not all the vet visits nor the meds.
She came out fine, and was moving and eating her critical care willingly, immediately after coming out of anethesia.

she stayed overnight and the vets let us to come in and feed her and medicate ourselves. She came home on day two, and DROPPINGS were immediately back to NORMAL.

Vet said her ovaris were really red and enlarged and there was fluid cushioning them. Biopsy came back with severe endometriosis... which doesn't sound all that bad untill... vet said she had a bunny in that day whose previous vet said just let it go and see if oboserved symptoms get better. The bunny's ovaries and uterous alone ended up weighing as much as my chin herself!!! (over 1 lb!)

I'm glad I did it. She's a lot better, and isn't sitting like she is cushioning and protecting her back half and trying to scrape it along the bottom of her cage.

She still won't eat her pellets, or the majority of her treats, but she is very enthusiastic about her critical care now and is taking a total of 40cc's / day

Lessons to learn:
Weird droppings that can't be corrected by diet or meds, it usually indicates something else wrong, because the digestive system is the first responder/indicator to overall health

prolonged lack of appetite is a manifestation of general ickyness that means something's wrong (just like kids won't eat when they have a cold, etc).

when reproductive systems are not used (and it's in an animal that typically breeds alot) things can go wrong with our case, it went into overdrive.

We're just glad it is not cancer.

She seems MUCH happpier and upbeat.
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Can't Stop Touching Her Eyes
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Oh I am so happy she is better! Endometriois can be very painful in humans so I am sure it would be terrible for her. Especially since she does not understand where the pain is from!
Oh but that is all in the past now.

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Glad to hear you have such a qualified vet and that everything turned out for the better
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I am a HUGE fan of Dawnna's LifeLine for chinchillas. It worked wonders to help my little Peanut regain appetite and weight. I would recommend it to anyone whose chin was feeling down.
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I am curious about this... my vet said no oats, as it could expand. Everything else sounds good, but the oats as the #2 ingredient makes me nervous.

She eats the critical easily, although we think she might be getting used to being hand fed.

Can chillas really get that spoiled? the vet said as a rodent they are compulsive eaters and she'll start in on the pellets when she is ready.

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Kansas City Chinchillas
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Old fashioned oat meal is fine for chins. 1/3 teaspoon full in a day. Your vet may have been thinging of quick cook oatmeal which will expand and is NOT recommended.

Kansas City Chinchillas

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When my Peanut was sick he had quit eating everything that wasn't fed through a syringe. I didn't think he was ever going to eat on his own again. It only took a few days of hand feeding the lifeline to get his appetite back up for pellets. It got everything in his digestive track back to normal quicker. I still sprinkle a little over their food every couple of days for all my chins and they absolutely love it.
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Just an update.

She just finally started eating dry food yesterday... and... her belly hair is FINALLY starting to grow back!!!

so, it's been from early june with her op, to get her back into sturdy shape.... almost a month to re-coup.
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Congrats! Glad to hear she is doing well. I remember how excited I was when Peanut finally started eating on his own again. It was such a relief!
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dry food, vet visit, vet visits

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