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Attn: Breeders: would you consider...?

Okay, so this is sort of a debate, I guess.

I had someone ask that if they bought a chinchilla from me, could they bring it back if it didn't get along with their other chinchilla.

My instincts tell me no, because of health, safety, stress, and inconvenience issues, but I was wondering if this was an idea that any of you other breeders would entertain.
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Well, I would say that it should not be an option. I know I have bought chins, hoping that it would get along with a certain other chin, and they don't, but, even at pet stores, there are signs posted saying that they do not guarantee compatibility. That is why a person should always be prepared to make room for another cage "just in case."

BUT, being that they would most likely sell the chinchilla to someone else, without telling me, then I might possibly buy the chinchilla back, being the softie that I am with these animals.
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I wouldn't buy it back for full price - but I would take it back.

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I am with Christi, I would buy it back for half of what they paid for it. We don't guarantee that they will be compatible.
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I agree, I actually just went through this. Not only did they want to return a pair they got that they agreed if it did not work with their chin they would keep the pair as pets, but they also wanted an EXCHANGE. I don't think so. I told them to never seperate the pair and they did trying to introduce. Their female beat up my pair numerous times. But they kept trying. So since it wasn't working out I told them I would take them back at their expense. But they wanted another! I thought about giving them a standard baby to try and introduce although it's totally against my policies. I wanted my babies back so bad and was afraid if I didn't agree, they wouldn't give them back. But then they wanted a mosaic! ugh! We ended up working it out over time. They couldnt understand why the female out of the pair was so moody and depressed. I told them because they were putting her mate with another female. They are now keeping them just together like I had originally wanted. But we went round and round for a while.
I by no means garuntee that a sold chin will get along with another. My return policy is 30days, but I must have something written from a vet that the chin was ill and it wasn't due to the owners negligence. I have papers that customers sign now to help protect myself and my chinnies.


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Unhappy Just my opinion

this is just my opinion. I wouldn't take them back due to health reasons. You really don't know the conditions of the house they came from or what other animals it has been around. If you know the person personally, then maybe I would consider since you know the conditions. Its easier when you know each other like alot of us do. But when it comes to strangers...I wouldn't take the chance. I hope this helps. Like I said, its only what I would do.
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depending on the situation!
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Personally I say to everyone that I sell my chins to that I want first choice at having my chins back if things do not work out. The deposit is non-refundable but they can have the rest of their money back. I just can't stand the thought of my chins going to a home that I do not approve of. Therefore even if I have to take a loss I will take the chin back.
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I would probably take them back because, like others have said, I would want to know that the chinchilla(s) ended up in good hands. I would be too worried otherwise

I wouldn't expect to pay full price - I like the idea of paying the full price minus the deposit. That seems like a very fair solution to me I know I have bought several chinchillas with the understanding that if I ever need or want to sell them, I will give the original breeder first choice. I have no problem with that.
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I always allow a customer to return an animal if it isnt working out. I do not give money back but sometimes I am able to offer a different animal to them depending upon the problem.

I feel the animals I sell are my resposibility since I directed their life to be born. I want the animals and their owners to care about each other. If the owner and the animal do not click the health and saftey of the animal is at risk. I dont have this happen very often and I do make the people try some different training and bonding ideas first but I have to be a responsible breeder.
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