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Thumbs down Bert's eye, round 2

I've finally, after much asking around on my part and the vet's, shedualed surgery #2 for Bert. The thing is, neither I nor the vet really know what to do for him, the cyst is on his eyeball and it is now a little bigger than his eye! The options are 1) go in with a laser and "shave" the whole thing off layer by layer. 2) go in and drain the cyst and cut a small hole so that the fluid drains out if/when it comes back 3) remove the whole eye. We could also keep draining it, but last time that only worked for about 2 weeks, he has to be anesthetized to do it, and it cost $300 so that's not REALLY an option. The risk for the first 2 options are the incision on the eyeball healing to the lid, heat exposure to the eye(especially for #1) and anaesthesia time. So rationally I'm thinking that maybe taking the whole thing out might be the best idea to avoid all the possiblities and another surgery BUT I am really having a hard time saying I'm tired of dealing with this, make him half blind... so more from the heart I'm thinking option 2 but with that theres still the healing risk, infection risk, and its really still there so god only knows what it will do. Option 1 sounds the most ideal, but there are alot of if's involved that could make things much worse. No vet seems to have ever heard of a cyst growing on an eye (chinchilla or otherwise) before so the decision is pretty much in my hands. As it stands right now, the vet is going to go in and look around and do whichever seems best... that's a little too open ended for me! What do you guys think?? I need some guidance here experiance or not.. thanks for listening!
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I'm sorry to hear about Bert. That is a toughie. I think that there is a chinchilla on the forum who lost his eye in an accident, and it sounds like he gets along quite well. Animals always cope pretty well. Besides, its not just you who is sick of this; I am sure that Bert is probably pretty sick of going to the vet.

I would definitely not just keep draining the cyst. Of the other options, I can't really say what to pick, but I would not feel guilty taking the eye. Even the vet does not know what is best, so do what works for you.

Good luck to you and Bert and Ernie! You will be in our prayers.

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Oh poor Bert I wish you the best and I pray for a speedy recovery.
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I'm so sorry to hear that you and Bert are going through this . It really can't be easy on either of you. I wish you the best of luck with him.
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wow, that is a hard choice...personally, i wouldn't just leave it up to the vet, since she is not sure what will be best. it is my thought that you should go with the option that provides the least risk/pain to bert. continually draining the cist will probably just annoy him, and it sounds like there are a lot of possible problems with the laser surgery. From what i have seen and heard, most animals can do just fine with only one eye. That may be the best option, and i certainly wouldn't feel guilty, whichever option you choose. you are just trying to do the best you can for him, and i'm sure he knows that.
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Thanks guys! We did have a chinchilla that lost an eye before and he got along just fine, as a matter of fact, I had one chin that was blind since he was a baby and you never would have guessed it to see him running around. I just feel like I'll be maiming him or something I really do think that might be the safest option for him though... We'll see I guess, I still have a few days to decide..
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Becki ((((HUGZ)))) Good Luck with Bert! I hope he will be okay!
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aww Becki good luck with Bert I hope everything works out

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What a terrible choice to have to make I'm sure you'll make the right one, for both you and Bert.

Please keep us posted.
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Ugh, the vet called today to reschedual his surgury...again I'm kind of glad because I'm still not sure what to do, BUT I've been trying to get this taken care of for almost a month now! I am having the hardest time with this, I don't want to go in and have his eye taken out if it could be fixed but I don't want to try to fix it if it could make him blind anyways or kill him! Ahhhggg! I know what I need to do but still... I still have guilt about Nicodemus' leg and I KNOW that was the right decision. I suck, I am so indecisive! Thanks for the good luck and vibes everyone...much appreciated!
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Becki, how is Nichodemus doing now? I haven't seen an update on him for ages !
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Im sorry to hear that Bart is still having problems with his eye. You will make the right decision. I hope all goes well.
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Talking Nicodemus

Nicki is doing great! I still need to get him a bigger cage that he'll be safe in though. He has all of the sudden decided that he HATES Ira and attacks him whenever he gets close, but hey, that's more snuggle time for me I guess
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I'm so glad to hear it!
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Bert is out of surgury!!!! The surgury went well and they saved his eye!! I guess the vet finally found and opthamologist that knew something and gave him advice. AND he said that though he doubts anything will happen, if it comes back again, he will remove bert's eye free of charge if that's what I want to do! YAY! More later,I gotta go pick up my baby!
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