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Unhappy Chinchilla Attitude Issues!

So Hailey (my 2.6 yr old chinny) has this huge problem with me lately. As in she hates me. My chinchillas have their own room filled with wood and boxes to play in and they both love the dust bath box. (just a box with their dust bath in it) but, when I come into the room to see them and play with them, Hailey barks and barks until I leave. She also runs into her cage and hides. I have never done anything to her to scare her or hurt her. This is a new thing and it is weird.

Henry runs right up to me and jumps on me and frolicks around waiting for a treat and just to play. (He likes to play tag!) But lately Hailey just has a problem with me. Could I have hurt her unknowingly? I respect her wishes and do not go near her, but she really dislikes me. My boyfriend had to chase her around once and she runs right up to him when he walks into a room. She just hates me what can I do to fix it?? HELP!
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is she pregnant by any chance? girls tend to change when they are preggers. also if you have had anyone else or pets come in to see them and she got a fright and now might associate the door as "scarey things come through there"
i would put her in a cage and she how she goes for a few days if she is preggers you might need to cage them in case the babies get lost and get cold and the parents can't find them and you lose them.
i know my chinnies are funny with me at the moment cos i must smell different being preggers myself so i have been peed on!
let me know how you get on
but whatever you do if you don't have to don't chase a stressed chinnie around a room it can make things much worse.
just sit in there with treats and let her know you are not going to chase or hurt her.
she could also be injured and so i would catch her and check her over but let her go if everything seems ok
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aww.... idk but i hope she changes her mind!
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She is not hurt. She is fine. I have no clue on knowing if she is preggers or not. She wont even let me touch her. I marked when this attitude started so that I can be cautious around the three month mark, incase she is. I never chase her or stress her out, they always get play time. She also seems to have stopped taking dust baths? I let them out the other day and watched them closely. She waited until Henry (the boy) went out which was seconds and then she cautiously crept to the door and then bolted to the BOX which is their hiding spot. When Henry gets to the box which has their dust bath he bathes right away she never does. I am going to check up on chinchillas when they are pregnant. I did take her out the other day because she seemed to want me too, (she came right to me and jumped up in my hands) but after about 5 minutes of her sitting on the couch with me and being petted she barked until I put her back. Its confusing! But thanks!
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Pregancy is a possibility. Have you changed your perfume or something that has a scent lately? Often chins will react to a different scent.

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No, I have always worn the same thing. She started to get skinny when she was able to run free and get exercise and now she seems to have a tight tummy, and a month ago she didn't. I looked into it and I am going to start watching her closer to see if she changes when it comes to her eating and drinking. I went out and bought vitamins and more timothy hay for her incase. I have it all normally but they do not get it constantly, but they will now!
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dust bath, dust baths, timothy hay

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