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chinchilla hiccups

ok are hiccups common in Chins? I have head one do it before, but Munchkin has gotten them 2x this week. He seems totaly annoyed by them, which I dont blame him I hate when I get them.
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I don't think my chins have ever had hiccups. I imagine it's cute though!
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Kansas City Chinchillas
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Male chins are known to hiccup after mating.

Kansas City Chinchillas

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Yesh *hic* shore.....Chinchilla's *hic* hiccuping.....heeeheeeheee
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Our chin got the hiccups once after drinking too fast after a long run on the wheel.

We were worried at first, but its hard to stay qworried when laughing so hard. He was fine after a couple of minutes...but yes, it was unbelieveably cute.
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I havn't seen any of my chins get the hiccups... but our prairie dogs get them. its really cute but awful at the same time...I know I hate gettin' them and it's awful they have to as well!
but it is kinda funny to see waddle-hiccup-waddle-hiccup-hiccup-waddle-waddle-huccup....our poor hiccupin' babies.
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when i was going to bed i heard an unfamilar noise come from pixie colasis's cage and i got very worried.... it sounded like crying.... then when i listened more carefully it was spuratic like hiccups... when i looked it up it said that it could KILL HIM!!!!! i dont know what to do if its not important i dont want to worry but i cant let him die .... early in the year (april) i ofund what appeared to be bumblefoot i got it treated by a doctor and he gave us an oral medication... i heard that hiccups can be caused by improper force feeding that water gets in the lungs and they.... what do i do??????

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i took my chinchilla to the local vet.... the hiccups had only gotten worse and the breathing was more shallow and he sounded like he was barly breathing.... it appeared he hadnt eatin much, the list of worrysome symptoms go on.

the vet didnt know what was wrong so so they gave pixie an x ray and found nothing. ... they did what i think is considered surgery and found postuals in this throught...... and right now he is going to get an antibiotic and thats all i know right now....

(but they still dont know whats wrong)
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awww. poor baby. im hoping for a full recovery for your chinny. stay strong for your little guy.
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alfie, thank you .... he is much better now eagerly awaiting his daily treat.

(smiley face)
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Pixie, died on thanksgiving, he was only 5 years old...... he was taking his medication daily and was seeming better. He was chipper and happy and i thought he was fine. but now im not so sure..... he would not eat any of his pellets only treats.... only dried fruit..... and he was overly thirsty.... he would drink up to.5 liters a day............

i belive he never got over the postuals in his throught.
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prairie dog, prairie dogs

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