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A cute story I have to share...

Hi all,
Yesterday I got an interesting call, our local animal shelter called and a chinchilla was brought in yesterday. The volunteers don't want it to go to a bad home so they called me (after getting my name from the vet's office). I was flattered that they called me, but I didn't think I could take it, its a male, black velvet (at least from the markings I think it is). I have girl chins so I'm not interested, but I told my boyfriend about it. This afternoon we went and saw it. I was skeptical about going, afraid that if I fell in love with it I would be in a pickle, that and I was afriad it was abused and may not like people, I went anyway. Surprise surprise, the chin is as sweet as could be!!! He's 4 months old and still has a baby face, and is soooo cuddley! (See I knew I would fall in love with it). The owner moved and dumped the fish he had in the snow bank and put the chin in a box and left it by the curb. The neighbor noticed and brought the chin to the shelter. I really would like to smack that guy!!! Anyways Mark (my boyfriend) is going to take it, but he is in the process of looking for an apartment in town, so I'll have to look after it until then. When I get pics I will upload them and show you guys! He is so darn cute! And he bonded with Mark so well! I wish you guys could have been there! Anyways I will let you know when I get pics.
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Kansas City Chinchillas
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Glad he found a good home!

Kansas City Chinchillas

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Thats horrible that he was left on the curb But at least he's in good hands now! Congrats!
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Thanks guys! Mark and I are both excited about him. Mark is going to call him AJ and he got the ok from his roomate that he can keep AJ at their house until Mark gets settled elsewhere. We are going to pick him up today from the shelter. He will be at his new home tonight! I'll get pics soon!
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that's great. I'm glad that Mark was able to take him in and that they got on so well. Good luck with AJ and I will be anxiously waiting for pictures.
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Awww! Congrats on the new baby! That is really cruel what that guy did to the poor chinnie AND the fish! I hope that guy rots for what he did!
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I'm so glad your boyfriend took him! Congrats!! I can't wait to see pics!
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awwwww that is too cute what color is he? i always wanted one but i never got one i have 20 cats a dog 2 birds 6 fish an iguana and 2 dove eggs due to hatch on APRIL 14TH
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I love chinchillas.
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Hello everyone again! Thanks for your comments.
We assembled the cage last night (pain in the butt!) and got AJ all settled in. About 4:30am he woke both of us up with his barking! I take it that this is usual for a new chin (Hayley barked the first night I had her too) We turned on the TV and he didn't wake us again. I have to ask though, should we have a radio next to his cage that plays soothing music. We can sleep through it, Im just wondering if this will help until he settles in. Mark isn't going to take him out of the cage for a week just so AJ gets use to the place.
Do you think the music might help???
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It depends on what kind of music... my chins like classical.

Btw.. yay on your boyfriend adopting the chin baby. People are so stupid sometimes. Gr...
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Movin' Up in the Pack
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Chins that like tv, radio and Classical. I think they are so cute but know nothing about them. Thanks Chinchilla gals for taking a rescued Chinchilla, everytime i hear people taking rescued animals i feel relief
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animal shelter, black velvet, local animal shelter

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