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fat chinchillas

can chinchillas be obese, like to the point where it is dangerous to their health? about 6 months ago i adopted 2 chinchillas from a woman who could no longer give them the attention they need. these two chinchillas are HUGE! they weigh 1lb 11 ounces and 1 lb 14 ounces, and all of the woman's chins were big like them. i was curious so i weighed all my others and the heaviest one was 1 lb 5 oz. a difference of 6-9 ounces in a chinchilla is about a third of their weight so that is a big deal to me.
i kind of think it is not genetic because she had 4 different families going and i have 6 so it would be a really big coincidence for it to be genetic that all hers were big and all mine are small. i don't know if it is diet either because i feed them all pretty much the same thing, free feed the pellets and everyone gets the same number of treats, but they haven't lost any weight since i got them and they don't seem to eat many more pellets than their friends (they have their own cage) they also have a wheel in their cage so they are able to run to their hearts content if they want.
i'm just concerned that it is unhealthy for them, you see all those dog and cat food commercials that warn that being a few pounds overweight can shorten their lives, i certainly don't want that to be the case here. is it normal for there to be that much of a difference in size?
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im sure that they can be obese and it does shorten their lifespan, are they generally bigger everywhere else too? can you take them out and play with them alot so they run some weight off? maybe stop giving them treats and just give them normal food for their treats... thats what my rats get most of the time or the one would keep coming back for more and more they wont know the difference


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Yes, chinchillas can be obese. When I convert the weights you gave into grams, those may just be good sized chinchillas. (1 lb 5 oz = 595 grams; 1 lb 11 oz = 765 grams; 1 lb 14 oz = 850 grams) In fact, many breeders like their chinchillas to be in that range because the general rule that many go by is not to breed a chinchilla that is under 600 grams. I have quite a few chins that are about the same size of your "huge" chins and not overweight.

I did have one chinchilla come here that was overweight. You could tell because she actually had fat rolls. In fact, the rolls around her arm pit area were so big, that she had no fur there. I managed to get her weight down and she is much more active now. As long as your guys don't have fat rolls, then they probably weigh the right amount for their size.
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