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Feeding Hay

How do you guys go about feeding your chins hay? Mine get a handful every night, but I hear alot of people talking about free feeding hay. My chins will go through as much hay as I will give them, if they don't eat it they take it out of the bowl or rack and play with it... if I kept their hay feeders filled all the time, I'd spend a fortune and it would all wind up on the floor of the cages! If anyone free feeds thier chins hay, how do you give it to them? Do they eat it or play with it? Maybe I should just stick with a handful a night
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I give them as much as they want, but what you do is grab a handful of hay, double it, then stuff it in a toilet paper roll tube. It keeps the hay from getting everywhere and I go through a lot less hay and a lot less mess.
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I give my chinnies a handful of hay everynight.
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I do a few different things:

For the two boys in the huge cage, I fill the middle shelf up with hay(it's about 3 ft long, 2.5ft wide), this way they can eat it when they want to, or play in it -which they LOVE to do! They love running thru the hay, This way, most of it gets eaten, and they dont pee on that shelf. When I do happen to see poops there, I pick them up and get rid of them.

For the 3 boys in the smaller cage, I just toss in about 3 handfulls on their middle shelf, and spred it out. Let them play with it, and eat it- whatever they want to do. Most of the time , they play with it, and eat what falls down onto the bottom.

For the little girl in her own cage, she gets a hand full of hay that I usually spred over her tube, and she plays /eats in it.

I fill up all the hay when needed- usually ever 1-3 days depending on the cage.

I buy my hay by the 50lb bales(from oxbow , it's about 35 bucks only) and it usually lasts me a good 12 months for 2 chins and 4 pigs...but now i'm up to 6 chins and 5 pigs, so we'll see how often i'm buying hay.
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Lightbulb Hay Cubes

Is it better to use loose hay or hay cubes. My chin doesnt seem very fond of hay. he eats it but at a slow rate. Should I switch to loose hay?
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Dexter's Mom
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i use the handful of hay also....i sometime use the cubes because loose hay is so messy. i don't think u must have hay available 24 hours a day as long as it's provided every day
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Along with the loose Timothy hay I also offer hay cubes everyday (50% alfalfa-50% timothy cubes)
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hay cubes, timothy hay

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