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Question Friendly or bad behavior?

The first chinchilla we got was a girl who we named Chilla. When we got her, she had been alone in the pet shop for at least 2 months (we could see her sad little eyes and had to get her!). When we first got her, we tried to see if we could get her to live in the same room as the Degus (I had read that people have successfully done this before). It didn't end up working out because the degus were just too hyper during the day and would bug her to play when she was just trying to nap. We put the degus back in their cage and just gave Chilla some extra attention.

We still felt bad for her, so we ended up buying her some friends, Cadbury and Punkin (who were only 4 weeks old at the time, Chilla was now 5 months). At first they were making their happy cuddly chinchilla sound, and then about an hour later fur started to fly, literally. We immediately took Chilla out of the room and bought her a cage which she's still in today.

Recently we bought the twins and our boy Casper a cage also. They are all in the living room now in their cages, and we let them out one at a time for play time. Every time we let Chilla out she runs up to the girls and Casper's cage and they sniff each other. My question now is if this is good or bad. When they sniff they jerk their heads back and forth like they might be biting at each other and then after, the two girls in the cage start fighting (not fur-flying bad fighting) with each other. Casper reacts the same way with the jerking sniffing. Could the girls (we were told by the pet shop they were girls) actually be boys and fighting over the female? Or are they just being mean to Chilla and vice versus because of the bad times they had before? Is it possible that this is friendly behaviour and this is how all chinchillas talk through cages? Should I cover the babies/Casper cage when shes out, or let them do this?

Sorry for the long post!! And thanks in advance for the advice.
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Ok, so I checked the girls and compared them to a few pics that Jade showed me (thanks Jade!) and it looks as if one of the girls is actually a boy. I can't really tell if the other girl is actually a girl or if it's a boy. Maybe I'll post pictures and you guys can give me your opinion.

On that note, if they are boys, should I keep Chilla away from their cage? Or is it ok? Thanks again!
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If they aren't fighting, or doing unkind things to one another (nipping,pee'ing,barking) checking each other out through the cage isn't a problem. I've never seen any of my chinchilla's mate through the cage bars, although physically I think it is possible (winks at the boy chins) it's not going to happen.
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