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Question Good place to post chins for adoption?

I have 4 chinchillas i'm looking to adopt out, but i'm not sure of the best places to post them on. I want them to go to excellent homes only! Any tips on good places to post would be a huge help. There is an adoption fee for these guys...they're rescues and they wern't free for me, and I have alot of work in them.
They unfortuniatly are just not fitting in in my group, and it's not fair to my other chins, because fights keep ensueing... They get along with some of my chins, but not all... These are rescues I had planned on keeping, but sadly it looks like this isn't gonna work (at least I was able to get them out of the situation they were in). If any one on here is interisted i'm located in Western, NC. email me at: [email protected]

I've got a bonded breeding pair, at least they've had at least 2 litters maybe 3, I never got that straight. The female is probably pregnant as I caught the boy chasing her around with looove in his eyes the other night ...ok more like 3 weeks ago.
And the other two are sisters from the pair, the breeding pair is 2 or 3 years old and the sisters are 1yro.
They're sweet and tame, but i've been so busy latley they've not had as much handling as I would have liked. I REALLY hate to let the male go from the pair, he's such a lil hunky boy lol, great temperment, but I know they'd be upset if they were apart... But his 'wife' hates my white chin with a passion for some reason and is ALWAYS after her... She badly injured Snuggles a few weeks ago, and I don't think it's fair to Snuggles (why does every one beat up on poor Snuggles?! she's the sweetest chinchilla! she never starts it! *sigh*)
But if any one is interisted, or know of a good place to post, PLEASEEEE let me know.
Thank you guys in advance!
-- Heather
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What area are you in? If you look up online, a lot of states have adoption sites. Maybe you can advertise something in the pet store. (I know petsmart lets you do it for free). As far as finding them a good home, I would put what pairs you want to go together and make sure that the people buying are aware of that. And make sure with no doubt that the people know what they're doing and that they have the proper supplies and cage. I would check in on them too after they've been adopted.

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I'm confused as to who's togther and who's not, and if the rescues are the ones in breeding, or if that's another pair..
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adoption fee, breeding pair, pet store

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