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Got 2 new male chins

I just got two 3 yr old chins w/a cage for free yesterday bc the owners were moving away and they had too many other pets to move w/them. They were friends of a friend, so they trusted us w/them

I've noticed some things about them. First of all, the poop...ALOT

second of all, i dunno if they like to be chased or not, but we have to run after them all over the house to catch them. It's not working anymore where we lure them w/raisins.

Another thing is that one of the chins seems either depressed or tired sometimes...he'll lie down and have his eyes 1/2 closed, but won't sleep.

Some tips would be nice and other comments welcome...these are them
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Hehe, first, they will poop alot always! If they ever aren't pooping alot, you have a problem. Next, don't chase them, you can scare them very bad, you could try letting them out in a more confined area (a single room or bathroom maybe), and try luring them with their dust bath, I've never had that not work! As soon as they jump in, block the exit and transport them back home. The lying down thing is pretty normal, they're very light sleepers so they wake up whenever you look at em. It could be though that he was playing too hard or got too stressed by the chasing, so be careful with that.
Do you have any more pics of them? I couldn't see that one
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that's the only pic i have

We always chase them around, they come back to us though

and it's not a scary's like a jog behind them.

they also are biting is when we try to pet them sometimes...but other times, the let us pet them
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Aww they are so cute! From what I read on here stressing them isn't so good so I'd try luring them like becki said. I mean even if it isn't a "crazy chase" they might feel threatened like you are stalking them. Maybe as trust builds between you and the chins they will bite less? Oh and Jade's site has a buttload of great information on everything...let me go find it for you....
I am back...and here is the link:
Lots of good infor here!
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dust bath

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