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Hand-Feeding Recipes for Babies

Hi there everyone,
I'm working on a new web site, because I wasn't happy with the last one that I started working on. I'm trying to gather some hand-feeding recipes for baby chins, so that I can put them on my web site. If any of you have some that you would like to share, I'd be grateful. The information that I need is as fallows:

Precise name of ingredients
Precise measurement of each ingredient.
Mixing instructions
Serving Temperature
How you serve it (for example, eye dropper)
How often you feed them
How much you give at each feeding
How long you continue this feeding arrangement.
and when you switch to a different feeding arrangement
and when they should be weaned.

I know it sounds like a lot of info, but if would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I've never had to hand feed babies, but here's what it says in "After forty years Alice Kline talks about chinshilla";

Homogenized milk (cow milk)
A little Gerber's mixed baby cereal
A few drops of Dyne (optional)

Stir-heat to luke warm and feed drop by drop.

If the baby has trouble with the milk coming out of it's nose, add a little more cereal and make it a little thicker.

If the baby gets soft droppings, use less Dyne", if the baby gets diarrhea, brown some flour in an UNGREASED pan and mix this with the milk for a day or two in place of the baby cereal.

Do NOT use canned evaporated milk. Baby chins do not handle it any better than human babies.

Do NOT use Karo Syrup, as it is hard to control diarrhea when using it.

If you should be able to get goat's milk, dilute it with distilled water 50/50. Enrich it as the baby gets older.

DO NOT put a coaster of baby cereal or rolled oats in the cage for the baby. ... their intestines get stopped up from the smooth food. When they get old enought start them with the mixed supplement in a coaster in the cage, or crushed pellets.

Hand fed babies are ususally fed a few drops every 2 hours the first day, then every 3 hours the second day and the every 4 hours after that. Give them as much as they want. They will tell you when they are full. In ten days they should be drinking mild from a bottle hung on their cage and hand feeding can be cut to 3-4 times a day.

I hope that helps some, that's as specific as she gets in the book.
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ingredient measurements

Do you have the measurements of each ingredient? I'm trying to get them as specific as possible, so that people don't put like 3 cups water, 2 cups milk If you don't, that's ok thank you for your input.
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Carnation Evaporated Milk (not fat free)
Purified water
Gerber rice baby cereal
Nutri-cal or Dyne

4 oz. Carnation
4 oz. water
about a teaspoon of rice cereal
A strip of nutri-cal (about 1/2 in long) or a drop of Dyne

I always heat it til about the temperature of a babys bottle testing on my wrist to be sure it is not to hot.

Feed with either a syringe or eye dropper. Being very careful not to aspirate the baby. Hold the baby upright, put a small drop of the milk on its bottom lip. It may take a few days for the baby to realize that you are feeding it but once it realizes that is food they will try to bite the syringe (dropper) to get the milk. Some will suck on it.

1-2 weeks every two hours (throughout the day and night)
3-4 weeks every three hours (can start to add a few crushed pellets in the mixture)
5-6 weeks every four hours
6-8 weeks by this time the baby should either lick the milk from a spoon, small bowl or drink from a water bottle.

Handfed babies will eat pellets and hay later than babies that are raised by mom.

Goats milk is also used by breeders with great success.
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Nope, sorry the book didn't give anymore detail than that.
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Angry :)

Alright Thank you
Thanks sassy!

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rolled oats

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