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Exclamation Health care advice

Hey there.

I'm Brianna. My family has four chin chinchillas: Poppet, Posie, Pixie and Peaches.

Our littlest one, Pixie (a black velvet named for her tiny-ness), is the reason for this post. We got her from someone who received her from someone else, so we do not know her exact age. They said 6 months, a breeder we saw said 3 months and the vet said about 8 months. She is a complete sweetheart and so unlike any of our other chinches. She loves coming out and will eagerly hop out onto you shoulder the minute the cage door is open.

Lately, however, she's been acting oddly. She has been lethargic and refusing most food, though she will eat occasionally and she has not stopped drinking that we know of. Her nose is a little runny and she acts kinda of pained when we try and pick her up. She no longer runs out to greet you, but stays in the corner. Her fur also seems a little coarser. Her 'droppings' have been soft as well. There have been no signs of aggression and she's still as loving as ever.

The vet found no signs of injury or anything in her excrement. Does anyone have a clue as to what might be wrong? We haven't had her long, but she's already found a place in our hearts. She's my special little girl.
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have you tried a different vet in your area? When one doesnt know for me I go to every vet who knows about small (exotic) animals till i find one that knows more.

have no idea whats causing it though. have you researched anything online to guess what it is?
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Runny noses aren't normal for chins - they should be dry - I'd find another vet, depending on where you are in CA there are quite a few good vets.
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I would take her to a vet, she could be having teeth problems or something else, regardless runny nose and poo that is not firm is a sign of sickness. Vet is highly recommended!
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I have a chinchilla named Adam. He is approx. 6 months old. But my concerns are his ears. They change temperature radically, they had blisters, scabbed over and they are bald where hair meets the base of his ears. Are these normal conditions or should I get him to a vet?
He's such a nice guy and he loves to just be a kid and twirl his tail, I would hate for anything bad to be happening to him right under my nose. Any advice would be great.
P.s. - If you guys suggest taking him to a vet, where in southeastern Colorado would be best? Preferrably near Pueblo or the Springs.
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Alexander187 - You need to get your chinchilla to a vet NOW. It sounds like fungus to me, and he needs to be treated. How many dust baths are you giving him a week? It could possibly be dry skin. Hopefully you're not giving more than 2-3 a week, for only about 10-15 minutes at a time. As for the vet, I have no experience with any in your area, obviously. But you should have already had a vet that is experienced with chinchillas lined up BEFORE you got you chinny. What if something bad happend, say, he broke his leg and he needed to be brought to an emergency vet (mind you, one that was chinchilla savvy) and you didn't know of any (which you don't)? You need to think twice about this because ANYTHING can happen. I say you should do some research.

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ChinnyMom - I got him from a local breeder and they said he was fine. But I give him a dust bath 1-2 times a week for about 3-5 minutes (he's usually never into dirty things and the air here isn't very humid). But I have been reading up on fungus and I can't find out what causes it or anything. Do you know? Thank you for the help! I'll be heading out of town this weekend to the bigger cities, so I'll see what I can find in the way of 'Chin-Savvy Vets' in my area. Thank you so much!
Oh, by the way, if you could tell me what fungus does to him that would be helpful as well!
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We have brought her to the vet and she couldn't find anything. Nor could we find anything online. We're feeding her a special mix now by hand which she seems to be taking in better than before. And she looks a little better...but not much improvement.

We'll look around at the other vets in our area. But is there a possiblity of affecting her bady by going to many different vets?
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How long have you had her? When i got one of mine, he had runny droppings for a few weeks.... not good, but apperntly some chins show stress that way. His droppings firmed up though (thank goodness... they smellleeeddd) The runny nose can not be good though..... Id try another vet, finding ones that are chinchilla savvy can be a pain
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black velvet, dust bath, dust baths, emergency vet

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