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Humidity is high and fungus is lurking and hoping for an oportunity to infect our chinnies!

As soon as you notice hair loss, broken fur or bald patches START TREATMENT!

First apply 1 teaspoon of Captan 50 to one cup of chin dust, bath the chin daily until hair is starting to repair. If you do not like Captan 50 (legal in most states US) you can add one teaspoon Tinactin (tolnaftate) powder and 1/2 teaspoon Desenex to one cup of chin dust. Be sure to empty duster about every 4-5 days, wash it and remix fresh medicine and dust.

Second and most important if there is balding apply Tinactin liquid (from the pump bottle) with a clean q-tip ( never redip a contaminated q-tip back in the liquid). you will use several per bald spot since you want it very wet so it soaks in good. Wait until the liquid has dried on the chin , then put the chin back in isolation/quarentine. Apply this daily until hair growth starts. Continue with lots of dust baths for several weeks.

After handling your chin you have to change your clothing if you didn't wear an apron-wash clothes right away. Wash you hands arms and any exposed skin so you can be safe from infection on yourself. Washing yourself with rubbing alcohol is great for protection but never use this on your chin since this is very irritating to their thin skin.

The cage must be soaked in bleach water solution for 15 minutes then rinsed well, all wood items in cage should be burned, including bedding at lease disposed of very carefully.

Be sure they are getting a good vitamin or vitamin enriched supplement. Also acidophillus is needed to build the immune system and to protect from the fungus spreading internally (candidas). I do not recommend using yogart for more than three days since chins are lactose intollerant and this can create upper respiratory infections and/or intestinal shut down. Candidas is more difficult to cure and can cause lots of health problems. Also DO NOT feed you chin any fruit or sugar type foods, these encourage fungal growth.

For a preventative-keep humidity below 55%, have good air movement and temps below 70 and keep cages clean. Place one level teaspoon of Desenex foot powder per one cup of dust and bath chin 2-3x weekly.

I think I covered all of it. I know it's alot but aren't are chins worth all the help we can give them!!!
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