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Unhappy I have a "biter"

As most of you already know I took in two standard boys. "Tom" is the one that bites. I don't know why...I have been nurturing him ever since I took him in. Tom is the one with the bite in his ear. Surprisingly he doesn't give me any trouble when I take him into my bathroom to look at him closely. I have been doing this once a day. I get a towel and swaddle him with it and I do make sure to let his back legs hang loose. He just lays there and lets me tend to his ear. Anytime I get around his face to scratch his chin/ear he bites me. I am trying to show him some love and affection. I can't even put my hand in the cage w/o getting bitten. For some reason it's always my little pinky. When he does this my instict reaction has been the same...saying a firm NO. You'd think he would bite me while I am tending to his ear. I am beginning to think that this bite on his ear was from someone in "self defense". Anyone have any ideas on the best way to break this habbit before it goes any further??

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I have 1 biter, used to be 3. What I do is blow a short puff of air in thier face when they bite me. Typically they don't like it (some people will swear that thier chins do like it, so it won't work for everyone) and it will startle them. It's completely stopped 2 of the 3 from biting and the other only bites when I try to scratch her head. Apparently she doesn't like it, so I don't try anymore, lol. They may also stop on thier own when they figure out that you are their friend and they can trust you. You've probably tried this already, but I'll say it just in case. Make sure your hands are clean and to take it one step further if that doesn't stop the biting, try not using any soap or lotion or anything that is scented... maybe you just smell tasty Good luck!
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I also blow into the face of my biters, all but one hate it.
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