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If I could....

I'd go to Chile to help with wild chinchillas. I saw it on a website (don't ask me which one, I don't recall *lol*) and would love to do that.

I am very afraid of flying, plus, I think they'd be angry with me if I tried to take a wild chin home.

I can dream though!
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What do they need help doing with the wild chinchillas? Just curious.
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I was reading an article about this the other day, and yeah I forgt where too, BUT to summarize what I had read, it seems although the chins are protected on paper the inforcement of the law falls WAY short of being effective.

SO what possibilities can we offer to counter the poaching of wild chins?
having a fund set up and transferred to the government for the specific deliniation of this specific law enforcement, but with the poor economy of Chile I imagine there is some corruptness in fund allocation so we will need help from the UN of course. We can organize a special UN Chinchilla taskforce that will monitor the use of funds and implementation of the endangered chinchilla protection program. Inline with this special enforcement we will breed a special line of Protective Domestic Chinchillas otherwise known as the PDC. These hybred chins will be trained in the latest gorilla tactics,armed with leading weapon technology and speak tri-lingually (Chinnese,English and the various Spanish dialect spoen in Chile) to ambush and rehabilitate said poachers, those who can not be rehabilitiated will be either shipped secret PDC containment facillities and or euthanised.

That would be a first step and my 2 cents worth.

P.S. Do the Chile Chins have any oil the US might want?
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Indychinchick, I don't recall.

I think I'll look in my magazine, get the web address and post it here.

I know it says on the site what it's all about.
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Here's the website.


They have pictures of domesticated chinchillas, wild chinchillas and their habitat.
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