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Post Introducing new chins with an older chin

I have a total of three chins..... two are about 9 weeks old and get along great. The third used to live with another but that one died so now he lives all alone. The couple times that I tried to introduce him to the new guys, he does a sort of growl and bites at them or jumps on their backs. They are all males. I read somewhere that older chins do not accept other chins babies.... is this true? Is there hope that they will get along? I don't like him being in a seperate cage. Any suggestions?
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I also have three chins together: Maureen (4 1/2 years old), Max (almost 2 years old), and Muad'dib (1 year old, son of the other two). I introduced Max to Maureen when he was 6 weeks old and she was 3. When chinchillas meet there is sniffing and dominance mounting, but as long as there is no blood; I don't worry too much. Other people can help you with techniques. Putting their cages side by side and then later putting them together in a small cage or crate is good.

How old is your older guy? Has he been alone a while? Maureen had been by herself for a year, because she couldn't get along with he other cage partner. She was bored and finally ready to get along with someone. Hopefully, your oldest is ready.

Also, maybe the older one is a little intimidated by two really active little ones. Maybe you can introduce him to them one by one, a little every day. Especially, if your older guy is way past being a juvenile, he may look at those little balls of energy and just be overwelmed.

I'm sure others will chime in. Good luck. Keep us updated.

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My oldest one, Squeeker, hasn't been alone too long.... he's only 8 months old. The other two are about 8-10 weeks. He's about twice their size so I don't know if that may have something to do with it. He doesn't seem to react too aggressively with the grey one (Squeeker is also grey) but he does not get along with the white (mosiac) one. But both little ones get along fine so I don't know if color is a factor. At first they just sniffed, squeaked and did the dominance mounting thing but then he chased the little guy, Kazmo, all around the room biting at his back and trying to tackle him and bite at his face. Poor little Mo was so scared!
Any other suggestions?
Thanks for the help.
Mother to Squeeker, Kazmo (Mo), and Pepper (Peppi)

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