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Question Keeping Pellets & Oats Fresh

Okay I was just wondering how long is it possible to keep pellets and oats (including a mix with calf manna) fresh if they are frozen?
It is possible to freeze them from what I have always heard, but have never personally done that. If we were to freeze an oat mix and the pellets how long could we keep them in the freezer, and what is the chances of them developing too much moisture upon defrosting?
The reason I ask is because we found a feed store in New York that is willing to ship to an FPO (Federal Post Office) and seeing the FPO is in New York, shipping charges wouldn't be as high, because once it reaches the FPO it doesn't cost more to have them come here.
I think they have Mazuri Chin Pellets for like $12/25 pounds, however they also have Purina Advanced Nutrition for Show Rabbit Pellets for $11/50 pounds. After comparing the ingredients there isn't much difference except that the rabbit pellets do not have corn where as Mazuri has ground corn in their ingredients. We are considering the rabbit pellets for several reasons, 1) cost/shipping 2) ingredients 3) the girls aren't really taken to the Mazuri so they are currently on the pellets that we received from the breeder which are rabbit pellets.
As for the oats they have all that we want to do our own mixture however they come in such large quantities we aren't sure if it would be worth it as our 6 won't go through approx 200 pounds of crimped oats/hulled oats/calf manna any time soon
So as far as the oat mix goes we may just continue to order that through lonestar until we return to the states.
Would you suggest freezing pellets? What is a good estimation of shelf life if we didn't freeze them? (6 months?).
Thanks for your suggestions
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I put my bird pellets, and chin supplement in the freezer in freezer bags. They don't ever get frozen though, just cold. So there is no moisture. Now if the supplement is a wet kind then I have no idea.

My supplement stays good for at least 6 months in the freezer. Of course that's as long as its ever taken to use it.
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I currently have the oat supplement from Lonestar in the fridge, because it was only 3 pounds. I am thinking if I can put the pellets in the freezer for up to about 6 months then we should be okay. Now another ? For the pellets if I do 2-5 pound bags and put them in the freezer and remove them when I want to refill the container we use, how long do you suppose they will stay fresh after being removed from the freezer? I know alot of questions but I am just trying to find out what is best for us over here, to buy larger amounts at once or smaller amounts more often.
Thanks Chrisanne
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I have been told by people that do freeze their pellets and suplement that they use a slow thaw method, from freezer to refrigerator overnight then to the counter then to container.
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Thanks sassy that is a good suggestion..... so back to the question if I freeze them, then how long are they good for once placed in the container.... I don't want stale pellets
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When I talked to the feed store about ordering Tradition I asked the same thing. I could only get 50 lbs! They said that with pellets they usually keep for 3 or 4 months in a cool dark place. Freeze them and they should last even longer than that!
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Okay so I'm guessing a good 6 months of freezing would be okay than maybe up to 2-3 months in a container should be fine? Although 50 pounds for 6 chinnies should take some time to go through but, we should be okay for at least 9 months is what I'm guessing, so it would be worth it in my book to have it shipped here in that large quantity.
Thanks Again for the responses
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rabbit pellets

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