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Exclamation Mystery Illness...

I have a 5-year old female chin who is taking a very long time to recover from what, by all appearances and the two vet appointments we've had, is a bad cold. There is some eye goo, whitish, and discharge from the nose, frequent and quite a bit.

When this was first detected, a month ago now, it was in the beginning stages of the symptoms described above and her roommates were just fine, still are. She has been in a cage to herself since then, we give her the vet-prescribed medicine and a vitamin+vitaminC+calcium mixture twice daily and I clean her face. At first she was taking Baytril, now she's on something stronger, can't recall the name right off but it's raspberry-flavored.

She sneezes a lot, and we cuddle her and my husband naps with her nestled beside him daily for an hour or two. Besides being tired, she dropped a little weight but is still eating pretty normally and chewing on her toys.
Problem is, her condition has not improved, the new medicine has made her a little more lively now and then, but the discharge and sneezing continues...!

We have never had a chin who's sick like this, or at all for that matter. We adopt rescues so sometimes there are some minor maintenance issues, but what I want to know is, do colds last this long? Should I suggest something else to our vet? She's an exotics vet, with experience. My husband thought that the fact that she has a pin in her leg (operation long prior to us adopting her last fall) might be affecting the production of white blood cells.

Thanks! Any advice/ suggestions would be much appreciated, I'm posting this to all the forums I can.
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We had a chin to take sick in November of 2000 she was on numerous antibiotics (Baytril and Bactrim was two of them) she did not stop sneezing from November til January. One of the things we did for her was to stop using the aspen and pine bedding, we used the care fresh during that time. (it could be allergy related)
She was pregnant at the time she got sick and did deliver two healthy kits. Could your girl be preggers? Has the vet tried Bactrim suspension on her?
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I'm collecting responses and will present them to my vet when I take her in next week- the Bactrim sounds like a good bet, I'll tell her about that one.
We use Brisky pellet litter, and she was with a neutered male before we seperated her out, so it's probably not one of those, but thanks for sharing about your chin's experience, I was getting so concerned our little girl wasn't going to make it and now I know that there's hope!:hershey:

neutered male, pine bedding

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