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Thumbs down Nonrefundable Deposit on Unseen Chin

I placed a $100 deposit on a chinchilla from a supposed professional breeder. I was put off from picking up my chin for several weeks since the weight was not good on the chin. The breeder assured me the chin was fine and would be an excellent animal for breeding as an adult.
I finally got to go pick up my new chin.

The poor baby was dehydrated and underweight, dirty and so were the rest of her animals. The little darlin was missing half of her tail as well and the breeder wasnt even aware of this. These were suppose to be show animals. They were pathetic!
This is a practice of people who have no respect or consideration. I would never allow a customer to be dissatisfied with an animal when leaving my facilities and I would never keep their money. Is this a common practice for people to have nonrefundable deposits?

By the way my chin gained 57 grams in 4 days with good proper care and is doing well adjusting.
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Many breeders do have a non-refundable deposit requirement to protect themselves from the "yeah, I want it" but then never comes to get it bug and they're left holding a chin. I myself am implementing this policy/practice because I have been bitten by this bug about 3 or 4 times now and lost opportunities to sell the chins to other people then. However, the way that many of us implement the deposit requirements is probably different than your situation. First, the deposit is deducted from the price of the chin. Second, with me anyway, if you're not happy I will make it right or buy the chin back from you; in fact, I have a Right of First Refusal clause in my sales contract.

It sounds like the person that you got this chin from is just not a very reputable person and is only in it for the money. I'm sorry this had to happen to you, but I'm glad to hear that your new baby is doing better!
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I have been in business for over 11 yrs and only twice had a customer change their mind. I'm sorry if this has been a problem for anyone else. If they change their mind and want their money back I charge a 20% service fee deducted from their deposit. My policy states the balance is refunded to them when the animal is resold, this way I am protected even if I choose to return the deposit right away.
Unfortunately this person is (was) known to be reputable.
Chinkeep I'm sure your business practices are kept on a professional level. It is good practice to work out situations the best you can with your customers.
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Wow I'm sorry to hear what you went through Chinhappy, but I am so glad to hear the little chinnie is doing well, and gaining weight...... I know exactly what you are going through believe me..... I still have chinnies gaining weight from a breeder that was told to be good by others, but I too learned the hard way, the filthy conditions these chins were kept in ect, but what matters is they are happy and healthy now, well the ones that survived that is ........ I'm sure your new chinnie will be just great, keep up the great work, love and attention as I know you will, and all will work out for the best
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most good breeders will refund the deposit if there is something wrong with the chinnie. it is mearly ment to protect the breeder. it also protects the buyer by gureenting the chinnie will be held for them
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Kristy, that's what I wanted to say, but of course my words ran away with me, as usual!! LOL
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Isn't it dreadful that anyone could have that much disrespect for an animal? Don't people realise they have feelings too? I'm sorry but I have such strong feelings about the cruelty of some breeders.
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I am sorry to hear about your negative encounter with the breeder and the poor condition the chinchilla was in. That is why I never buy a chinchilla from someone I don't know nor sight unseen. I understand breeders need to protect themselves but so do the customers. It amazes me how so many breeders can conduct unethical procedures and still be able to make money.
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How sad ,that poor little chin I am glad to hear that this chin is doing well in your care
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In the 2 years I've been on forums and looked at chinchilla websites and classifieds, I've never heard of a $100 non-refundable deposit.

Did this breeder require a $100 non-refundable deposit or was it your choice to make a deposit of $100? The norm from my understanding of a non-refundable deposit is usually only $25 or $50. I'm also curious, was it a rancher (100+ chins) or a hobby breeder (less than 100 chins)?

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50% deposit is common business practice in the animal world. I have done this myself for over 10 years and never ran into any real problems but I would never keep someones money if they weren't satisfied.
I had never purchased from a hobby breeder before but since that person had a good reputation I wanted to support a smaller breeder. I like the idea that the animals are really tame from the extra attention a small scale breeder can provide (my animals are all very tame). I won't do this again unless I go to see the animal first. I don't believe this would ever be a problem through a rancher.
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I go to see the animal first. I don't believe this would ever be a problem through a rancher
I have to beg to differ. I think it is very important for the person that is buying a chinchilla to see it firsthand so the buyer knows what he or she is getting. Yes, ranchers have beautiful chinchillas but remember, not ALL of them are superior quality. They have low quality chins just like anyone else. I am not saying the chinchillas would be in the same condition as you find yours but you always want to make sure you are getting the most for your money. I bought my first chin from a rancher last year and I am so happy I picked him out myself. It is hard describing what you are looking for not to mention temperament wise. I talked to one of the top ranchers at the MCBA Nationals and was very interested in buying a chinchilla from him. He told me my best bet is to take a drive up to his ranch to see with my own eyes what he has available. He even said himself it is too darn hard to look through rows and rows of chins.
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I didn't want to post anything until the situation with a girl by me was resolved because i didnt' want to make it worse but here is another buyer beware story of the same type. Up here a lady was looking for violets and found a lady on one of the forums that was selling her herd, she inquired and the lady set a 400 us each for the violets but wanted half as a non refundable deposit on them. So she bought two violets which would be 800 us. She sent down 400 for the deposit and when everything was set to go the lady informed her that now she wanted 500 us each for them. Well that was just too much and the deal should have been a deal so this lady said no to the inflated price and asked for her deposit back.... The breeder told her "I told you it was a non refundable deposit". She had no intention of giving her either the chins at the set price of 400 ea or her money back. After a few days and alot of fretting she again contacted the breeder and got ahold of the husband and upon explaining how his wife had upped the price he went ahead and refunded her money... Scary stuff. I mean 400 us in canadian funds is like 600 and something. Again buyer beware.
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Whew. i wouldn't be able to hold my temper if someone wanted to rob me of $400!!!
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Barb, reading your situation mentioned, I think that is why I have always preferred to correspond through e-mails, and I just save them all. I had someone change a price on me like that too, and I hadn't sent a deposit yet, so I just backed out of it. I always state my prices in the e-mails to buyers so that they can hang on to it and know that I won't try to rip them off.

I do ask for a non refundable deposit of half, but I did recently have someone run into a financial problem. I offered them a refund, because it wasn't anything that they had control over, so it wasn't fair to them. Things happen that are beyond our control, so if that's the case, i try to bend a little.
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