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One Mean Chin Help!

Well, heres the story. I have a 6 month female chin who recently lost her 5 month year old chin male partner, So my girlfriend and i went out and got 2 new chins, a 7 month female and a 9 week old male.

The new chins are in one cage and the other one is in her own, the one she shared with gizmo that recently passed away. The cages have been keep side by side so they can get used to each other. Its been about 2 weeks now and we did a small test by putting the new chins in the bathroom to play. After a few days they were used to the bathroom we brought the old chin in and they all played togeather. In the 45 mins they only got into a small nose becking but nothing major other than that they were playing everywhere togeather.

Heres the problem, i try to move the new chins in her cage and she goes nuts chasing them everywhere. My new female chin goes on her hind leggs and seems to get ready to spray the older chin and then more fighting and chasing till i finally take them out as they seem really afraid.

Can anyone give me some advice in getting chins togeather better than this, and yes i have been reading all sorts of things to try, but i woul really apprieciate first hand advice, thank you.
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You should NOT have a male with either of those females they are too young. Try to get the two females in one cage and the male in another. You can try to put a dab of vanilla extract on each of the females noses and a dab on their neck..

Your problem COULD be that the older female is preggers(yeah she is young but it does happen)

HINT: Don't put the new chin in the old chins cage!

Good Luck
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Hi! I agree with Sassy, the male needs to be seperated, hopefully the females will get along so you won't have to have 3 cages of single chins.
Also, and this isn't written in stone, I don't think 2 females and one male will ever live all together...there's always exceptions of course, but that seems to be the way it usually goes. And I don't know how chinnie experianced you are, but that could be alot of babies, seperate cages, timing and possibly vet bills. I personally would suggest getting another male and having 2 same sex pairs.

Jade's site has a really good introduction section with her first hand experiance, I'll find the link for you.
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Posts: 2,000 That should take you right to it, but if not, the intro section is under Care.

Good luck with your chinnies!
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Also, you need to make sure you put the more dominant chin in the more passive chins home. If this isn't possible, the more dominant chins cage needs to be scrubbed as much as possible as well as all things inside of it so there is none of their scent and they don't have a home turf advantage.

Ps. I have a gizmo also. Sorry for your losses... do you know the cause?
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seperate cages

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