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Question Pellets

Okay I just have a ? .... When we had our chinnies in the States we used Mazuri pellets after recommendations/reading ect, we felt they were the best pellets to use for our Chinnies. Well now that we are here in Italy and have 2 chinnies at this time, and seeing how hard it is to get the right chinchilla pellets here, the majority of owners and even the breeder we got our 2 boys from use a rabbit type pellet. The breeder uses some type of rabbit pellet that he has shipped in from Spain (it supposed to be good stuff) he also uses an Alfalfa pellet that he mixes with the other pellets. Now the breeder did give us a decent supply to start off with, which was good because that is what these 2 boys were used to. However I am not wanting to stay with this pellet mixture, I feel it just doesn't fully supply what they need. Now the boys are still fairly young, so I know switching them over now would be better then if they were older. We have several options to choose from, we can order pellets from the U.K. however shipping is outrageous, or we can order Mazuri pellets from either chinworld or lonestar, yet the shipping can become high as well (but not too bad), or we can try using Oxbow chin pellets and order from the company where we got our hay and other supplies from (they didn't charge us shipping being military over here and all). What is your opinion on Oxbow pellets? I don't mind paying for the shipping costs of Mazuri pellets if it is proven that they are much better. However if Oxbow pellets are just as good why pay for shipping? Just curious because we've never used oxbow pellets only the hay.
I am getting ready to place another order for hay and stuff so I figured now would be a good time to order good pellets and begin the switch over for our chinnies All opinions welcomed, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Well after posting this, I did some more research and found that even if I went with the Mazuri pellets again and had to pay shipping that I would still save money, because Oxbow pellets are expensive!!! or at least they are on the online store that wouldn't charge us shipping. Oxbow Hay is only $1 more than most places so it might be worth it to continue getting hay from them and not having to pay shipping charges. I don't know just trying to find the best solution for chinnie supplies over here
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I've not fed my chins oxbow, but I've heard its great. I do feed it to the kids guinea pigs though.

A lot of ranchers use rabbit pellets for their chins. (more west coast ranchers) They swear its the best.

If I had to pick between oxbow and Mazuri being in your shoes i'd probably go with what's less expensive. Every dollar counts
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Your right Chrisanne every dollar counts and ya know the breeder over here has beautiful chins and these chinnies seem to love the rabbit pellet and alfalfa pellet mixture, however I know once we move back to the states I won't be able to keep them on the same type of feed, so I'm trying to switch them over now to something that would be better for them along with it being more accessible (spelling) to get when we do move back to the states.
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I switched my chinchillas a few months back to the Oxbow pelleted food. I use to have them on L/M, and when I started reading what was really in it, I decided to switch them to a higher quality food. Wouldn't switch them back for the world. It is expensive (considering they don't eat a lot of pellets), but I'd much rather pay for a quality food than a food that contains a lot of treats, which is the only part they really ate.
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Yes oxbow pellets are more expensive, but if I had to choose between the 2 and the situation we are in, I think I would have to go with Mazuri again. I emailed lonestar today and got a response back and ya know with all we want to order, pellets, dust, oatblend, and a few little extra's it is only going to cost about $3 more including the shipping, verse ordering the oxbow pellets and dust from the place that won't charge us shipping so after a day of looking online and sending out emails, I think I've answered my own question.......
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LOL! I would go with what you are most comfortable with and what you know to be healthy for them. I too would go with Mazuri, but then again, that's what my chins are on too
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Mandie are you laughing at me? hahaha and yes it is always good to stay with what your comfortable with
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