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Talking Pics of my chinnies, Jax & Eve

Jade, you asked for 'em, so here they are!

These are my babies, Jax and Eve. Jax is a black velvet and Eve a standard gray. I picked them up several days after 9-11. (It was kind of funny. A lot of people were still justly upset and I was bouncing off the walls because I finally got my Chinnies after over 6 months of waiting. )

Regrettably, due to not being able to find a place with a/c in time I couldn't bring them out here. (It reaches over 90 degrees in the house during summer. Sigh...) My family decided to give them to a pet store without my consent. I have no idea where they are or how they're doing.

Eve after I got her. She was so strange as a youngster. Used to sit there and tilt her head to one side, remaining motionless for some time. What a doll she was...

Jax in his harness. He didn't like putting it on but once it was on he loved to go for walks in the front yard. He'd crouch down under the bushes then suddenly bounce off like crazy. Oh, and of course, being a Chinnie, he had to test everything with his teeth. lol. I never could get Eve to accept the harness, but at least my idea worked with Jax.

Jax begins to groom himself and Eve rubs her nose. I can't help but think that Eve is making faces at the camera and not actually rubbing her nose. Doesn't that look rather teasing?

Boy, that must have been SOME night! I mean, that is Eve sleeping on top of Jax's head! What were they up to, anyway?

This is how Jax looks when he wakes up. lol.

Yeah, he's an odd sleeper...

OK, so I'm sure you've noticed I have more pics of Jax here than Eve. Eve is not near as active or cute as Jax, and more often than not her fur is messed up. Not that I'm real picky about it but, she just ended up not being much of a photochin. (She's really truly only pet-quality. Too small, the end of her tail is missing, and she has bad quality fur.) When she is being cute my camera is rarely handy, or she stops being cute as soon as I find my camera. Grr. So I have more pics of Jax.
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Talking Jax & Maile

OK, one more pic! When we got Maile, I had hoped to introduce her to the chinnies and make everyone get along. (Lacey was afraid of them and the dogs were confused by them.) Because Maile has been with the chinnies since she was 7 weeks old, she thinks she is one! She used to play in their cage and even chew on wood!

When she got too big for the chinnies (you know, when she was no longer their size or smaller) they decided they didn't much care for her. They began to attack her... no kidding! So now she, too, is afraid of them. lol. So much for cats being predators...
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Awww, they are so cute!!!! I love the one with Jax rolled in the wooden tunnel thing sleeping! SO cuute!!!!!!!
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That is waaaay too cute! I love the pics... and the stories. I'm sorry you don't know where they are now, I'd be heartbroken.
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Thanks guys. Glad you've enjoyed them!

You know how I feel then. =\
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Aww...they are cute! I'm sorry you had to give them up. I was surprised to see Jax in a harness though...they aren't all that safe for chinnies.
Where did you get Jax's name? You may have noticed in my signature that I have a Jax here too, but he's a Standard. My Jax got his name from a character off General Hospital...a really HOT Aussie!!
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Aweee they are cute!!!! Sorry they are no longer with you
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Aren't all that safe? How so? It was secure on him, he could not get out of it, and I never left it on him so he could eat through it, etc. I didn't take him unsafe places (just my front yard.) etc. I can't imagine how it'd not be safe for him. And I had him for two years before parents got rid of him. No problems in that time and he used it the whole time I had him (though I didn't use it everyday. Romps around my room were often enough to keep him happy.)

And yes, I had noticed the similar names. Hehe. I got the name Jax from a couple of places. One was the big, cool black man from Mortal Kombat. lol. If you look up his pic and compare him to my Jax, it's kinda a funny namesake. Also, for some reason I'd look at him and think of that old game of Jax. The other name I considered for him was Link.
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Thanks so much, Kim
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black velvet, pet store, standard gray

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