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poo problems

I'm worried about my little chinnie Cadbury. His poo is soft and is sticking everywhere! He doen't have any other problems and he's eating/drinking and playing just as much as always. I don't know whats wrong

I read on a website all of the different causes of this and the person that had the site said not to worry at first and just to let it clear up on its own and gave several reason to why this could happen.

I read through the reasons and the only ones that I could find that could be whats wrong is the recent change in hay, maybe moldy hay, and over eating in young chinnies (Cadbury is about 9 months old, I don't know if he's still considered "young").

Cadbury lives with 2 other boys that don't seem to be having any problems and I was feeding the hay to all my chinnies (even my girl who is fine also). I have slowly switched all of their hay back to Timothy (from alfalfa) just in case it's a problem with the hay (it doesn't look moldy to me but I could be wrong).

The over eating is a possibility because he lives with 2 other boys (and you know how boys are!) and every time I give them hay they all run and gobble it down until its all gone (mind you, I'm definately not starving them!). I started giving them a little less hay so that Cadbury doesn't gobble too much of it. I don't notice him over-eating his pellets and I don't give any raisons anymore.

My husband and I were wondering if the flying saucer could have anything to do with this problem. The boy chinnies didn't have a wheel before Christmas (because we couldn't find a saucer and they tried to kill each other on the normal wheels) but we would let them out to play a lot, and ever since they started using the saucer a lot this problem started. Could he be getting more exercise than his body is used to?

I don't know what else to do except wait, I only changed the hay back completely less than a week ago so I don't think his system will be better yet if thats the problem. If he isn't better in a week or so I'll have to take him to the vet
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I had a similar problem once. I believe it was caused because I was giving him papaya treats and he couldn't handle them (the only difference I could find to cause the soft poos ). I didn't give them any more treats and put lots of hay in the cage. It did clear up in a day or two.

Have you tried giving him pieces of burnt toast? Sometimes that helps too.
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I have one who has a soft stools problem that comes and goes. Bottled water seems to have decreased his instances of the problem. Plain shredded wheat can do wonders too. Usually just upping his hay and lowering his pellets will clear things up.
You were right to drop the raisins for a while.
I've never been able to find good reasons why mine has this every now and then, but usually the solutions clear things up in a hurry.
Good luck! Hope your little one gets back to normal soon.
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Kansas City Chinchillas
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Alfalfa hay is much richer than timothy hay. If your chin ate a bunch it is most likely the cause of his soft poos.

Acidophilus should help him. His digestive tract is upset right now and the acidophilus will help get it back to normal.

Hope this helps!

Kansas City Chinchillas

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Thanks for the replies everyone they really helped. I'll try what you guys said and hopefully it clears up in a couple days.
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When my chin would get soft poos, I would stop giving her raisons. Usually that helps. One time she got them because I gave her the wrong kind of treat. I just stopped giving her the treats and it went away. I only fed my chin timothey hay because I heard it was better than alfalfa because the feed plus the alfalfa hay would be too much. I read somewhere that you can give them a teaspoon of childrens keopectate, but I would do more research on that or ask Jade.

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alfalfa hay, shredded wheat, timothy hay

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