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Exclamation Question about Chinchilla

So i'm adopting a Chinchilla from a girl I knew from High-School, she can't afford him any more and he's only five years old. Perfect health. They were going to do their own way of "euthanize" him. Well anyways I spoke up, and she's going to give me a giant chinchilla cage and the chinchilla too--for free.

But i'm in the middle of moving into a house, currently i'm renting a small room from my in-laws with my husband, i'd maybe have room for a guinea pig cage (Which I have because I used to have several guinea pigs). Would it be fine to keep the chinchilla in a guinea pig cage until I move into the house? It's not a small guinea pig cage by any means. Well, it was the size that houses 2 guinea pigs. I don't remember the exact measurements. Anyhow, input please?
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It would be fine while you are moving (say a day or two) just make sure that you give the chin enough time out of the cage each day..... p.s. make sure that your chin does not over heat during the move.

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Alright. It's thankfully, been cooling down right when we start to have to move haha. So it's not hot here any more, but i'm going to be keeping good care of it. I picked the chinchilla up today, and it seems to be underweight. I guess it had a cage mate that died 2 days previously and I believe it was from starvation because the girl had no food to give it. That's why she gave it away I guess.
Is there any tips on telling if it's underweight, or how to get it to gain weight?
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If you can get it a roommate do so soon. Chins are very social.

My chin abused by its breeder and I adopted him from Petco (it was a petco breeder...hence why I won't buy animals from there) and he was severely underweight with no toes on one foot from them getting caught in a door and ripped off. Underweight is the same with all can feel the bones and spine. Chins are no different. Also the fur may not feel as soft.

Anyway I bought him lots of hay, fruits and veggies, plus Oxbow Chinchilla diet. I think its important not to buy seed mixes as they will pick out any stuff they don't like. He gained weight and learned to trust me pretty fast.

Also its going to be getting cooler soon. Be sure if you have central heating not to kick it up too much. As a general rule, the room you keep your chins in shouldn't be above 80*F.
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So far my Chin is getting a little more used to me. He's very skittish still though, which I expect. I have him on a good diet of chin pellets, I get them from my local pet shop (Where I work) and I can't remember the brand, but I trust them with every brand of food for any pet. And I have him on Timothy hay, I can't think of much else to do for him? What kind of fruits and veggies can they be given?

We have baseboard heating, i'm not going to turn it on in the room he's in. It's sort of a large giant closet thing, but not at the same, it just has a little 3 foot baseboard heater with option of turning it on...heat will come from our room. It stays a nice temperature in our room, if it starts to get over 75 I tend to close the windows and turn on the air anyhow on a hot day. I live in Northern Missouri so the weather is RANDOM! And even if I was staying here longer, the heat wouldnt come on for another month probably.

My new house also has baseboard heating as well, it'll be about the same setup. But then we're moving again in a couple months. Lots of stuff going on.

I want to get him a friend, but not until i'm settled in into the other house first. We buy them from the breeder at 100 bucks and sell them in the shop for 150-200 so it's a little hefty price to do right now. Which i'd rather adopt anyhow so i've been keeping my eye on craigslist and what not.
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