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I know that some of you guys have the giant play balls for your chins with different results. My boys have been getting on each others nerves lately, so I thought I'd get one and see if free reign of the apartment would help. I didn't figure that Maureen would be too interested.

So I put the ball out during playtime and who jumps in but Maureen. I let her run about in it and after a while she got it. She can take off and then invariably runs into something at a good speed, but she understood it. I just can't believe it. At 4 1/2, I figured that she wouldn't be interested in new tricks, not to mention I wasn't sure how well she'd be able to get around in it without her right leg.

Next was Max. He didn't seem to get it. It really seemed to freak him out. And Muad'dib wouldn't go in the ball. I tried putting him in and he jumped right out. So much for a new toy for the boys, but at least no one peed in it.

Any suggestions for bringing a chin around to liking the ball? Any funny stories?

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I tried using a ball but my Chin was pretty scared of it. I then went and got a wheel and he really likes the wheel. I am going to try the balla gain since it basically running on a wheel.
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Yeah, my chins have had a wheel for a long time, but only the one seemed to like the ball. Maybe its a preference thing. Probably, I have two claustorphobic chins.

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