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Exclamation Something is wrong with Cadbury

I don't know what's wrong with him but I really need some opinions!

Today right after I gave my boys hay, Cadbury had some kind of fit He was standing on his back legs and staring straight up with his head tilted a little to the left which didnt look normal so i went and sat by the cage. What happened next scared me half to death He turned to face me and his left eye was closed and the right side of his mouth was pulled back kinda like a smile and then he fell backwards. He rolled onto his belly and just laid there so I opened the cage and scooped him up and he didn't move at all (he never lets me pick him up). I held him in my arms for a bit talking to him and he perked back up to normal but his head was shaking kinda like shivering. Once he was aware again I took him back to his cage and he went back to eating his hay but was still swaying and falling to the left. He's been sprawled out and laying on his side ontop of his houses a lot lately but I think he just likes to lay down and relax?

He's had the swaying and falling over fits before but never this bad. I believe his brother had a fit like this too but I'm not sure if I remember right. Casper isn't their brother but he's a cagemate and I've never seen him do it. I thought it was the raisons or the shreddies I was giving them for treats so I stopped with treats all together a few months ago. The few times I caught him doing it was after he's eaten something (treat or hay) but maybe he does it while I'm not in the room? Could he be eating too fast?
The only major change I've made is I switched their food to mazuri about 8 months ago and their hay to oxbow (timothy hay always) and I can't remember if it happened before the switch or not.
Both Cadbury and his brother Punkin are pet shop babies so I don't know any hereditary facts.
I really can't afford a vet visit right now or I'd go
I really need advice on this.. I hope the problem is identifiable
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sounds like a seizure
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Originally Posted by specialname
sounds like a seizure
That's what I was thinking. But you can't know for sure, unless the chin is seen by a vet.

There is no one TRUE way

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That's what I thought too but I wasn't sure. I wonder what's causing it though I guess I would have to take him to a vet to find out. do you think his hay or food could cause it? or would it just be sugars if he was diabetic? Like I said he hasn't been given any treats in a while.

If it's epilepsy (sp?) do you think he's suffering? I wonder if he is in pain or if it just confuses him. He seems to still be the happy hoppy chinnie he always was and he still uses his saucer. I hope he's ok
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Hey there, I did a quick google search and found several reasons for chinchillas to have seizures. Ideopathic seizures are known to be familial, so that could explain his brother having them as well. From my very limited search there are, however, other reasons for chins to have seizures such as diabetes, mineral deficiencies, etc., but as mentioned there's no good way for you to know the cause or how much it may be affecting him unless you take your little guy to a vet.
Good Luck.
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vets are always the sure answer. if you can't take him there call one or two or however many you can and ask what they 'think' or usually see that causes this....but i would start saving some pennies $$$$ and get him to the vet ASAP
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what kind of food and hay do you give them?
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kittylilac: They eat Mazuri food and Oxbow Western Timothy hay.
millie121: Thanks for the ideas. I'm also worried about the Ideopathic seizures and I'll definately bring it up to the vet when I have a visit.

I e-mailed a lady who has experience with chin seizures and she said that she thinks he may be getting over excited which could cause seizures if he has problems with his sugar level. This sounds pretty accurate because it does seem like he has the fits when he's excited for shreddies or hay. Here is the advice she gave me:
I would suggest giving him a raisin before feeding him and letting him out - see if it helps. Make up a diary of each chin, noting what they have eaten, amount of playtime etc. also note when they have seizures, the symptoms and how long they last. All this information will be of great help when you manage to get to see a vet.

She also gave me some good advice for what to do when he has a fit so that I'm more prepared. I've been calling around to vets but there aren't any that I've found yet with chin experience. I'm still calling around and looking it up online. Once I have the funds and find a trustworthy vet I'll take him in.

He hasn't had any more fits since the one I described and I've been taking the advice I was given. Hopefully everything turns out ok. Thanks to everyone for their concern and opinions
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pet shop, timothy hay, vet visit

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