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spot cleaning the cage

Just wondering if any of you spot clean your chinchilla cage? Both of my females share a cage and I completely clean it once every 4 to 5 days, however I feel like Im throwing out some good there a way to spot clean?

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Usually I completely clean out and wash the cages every 2 weeks. About every other day I clean shelves and such just to tidy up a bit. I have pretty large cages (my 3 boys have a 3ft by 4ft base on their cage) so if you have a small one you might want to do it more often. If it looks like you're wasting bedding then you can probably do it less often.
My chinnies usually urinate in one corner so once a week i scoop the bedding from the corner and put new bedding there.
This seems to work well for me and my chinnies
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My chins only peed in one corner. So I would find the corner and change that. Then look to see if theres any other spots. I had a zoo so my cages got cleaned about every 2 weeks, sometimes more depending on how dirty they got. My chins were the cleanest animals I had though.

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thanks you guys thats good advice. Im not sure if they pee in one corner, but they probably do. I was wondering if I completely cleaned too often. Seems like I Thanks for your help!
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I completely clean every week. Sometimes a day or two longer depending on my schedule. They're in 18" x 24" bottoms so they get dirty in that time frame. Once I can even remotely start smelling them its time to change. What with their poos and their hay and those that like to dump their food, i change it once a week no matter what. Plus my chins LOVE clean cages, sometimes there are slightly bigger chunks of pine for them to chew on, which they love. We get bedding cheap so maybe its not so big of a deal, but i never feel like i'm "wasting" good bedding.
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I give mine a complete washdown and litter change every 7 to 10 days. It's true, my chins LOVE a clean cage! In other words, I do it that often for their pleasure. (The litter is never very dirty at all in my males cage....he has a corner litter box, which I assume he uses, because there is never a pee corner in the litter...but clumpies in the litter box. My female has the pee corner because we just got her and plan to move her in with the male eventualy so we didnt get her a litter box.)
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We clean completely once a week, either Fridays or Saturdays depending on schedules. We also try to scrub pans every week but sometimes that may get skipped if things get too busy.
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litter box

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