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Weening babies

Due to an escape from the birthing cage, I had to put Mysteri in the condo with the other chins. She is quite happy and seems to be having a ball. She has basically four feet by two feet of room all to her self except when mom comes down to feed her (the adults stay upstairs where she can't get to). My concern is "what do I do when she wants to start feeding on her own?" At what age do they eat on their own? She is nibbling on her hay and Maggies nursing her but when do they eat solid pellets and should I put water downstairs for her? I haven't before because to do so I have to put down a water dish and I'm worried about her jumping in? Any suggestions?

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How old is the kit? Kits will usually start nibbling on hay and pellets within the first week maybe two weeks. You also have to be cautious with placing a kit with other chins which are older, there could be problems. The other consideration is that kits should not be weaned until 6 to 8 weeks of age, until then, they should be with their mother at ALL times. Chins learn by mimicking their parents, and the less time with mom, the less adept and socialized they will be. I would recommend that you try and get kit and mother together, even if it means buying another cage with wire no larger than 1/2" by 1", sorry, but this is just part of breeding/raising chins.

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