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Today, we were blessed with a new addition. (Though my husband is a little less then happy about the extra mouth to feed as we are going through a difficult time financially currently)

I am known as the resident Ferret Lady in the area, which I find as kind of funny, but I do enjoy the fact that people come to me with questions, and tell me about ferrets they have seen or come across that are in need of help.

In the last two days I have heard of a couple ferrets that were in less then good situations. One is an older and very fat little girl, at our local Noah's Pets, in Metro Town, Burnaby, BC. (If anyone in the Vancouver area are interested and looking go see this girl!) She is not old, or even older really, but she is older then the kits she has to share with, and is in need of a loving forever home. She apparently (I have not seen her but a good and trusted ferret loving friend has) is very friendly and very sweet and loving, but she needs to get out and play instead of being stuck away in her cage.

That said, I would like to tell you about the second ferret I had heard about, and our newest addition.

She is a beautiful healthy little albino girl, but she has a *Fierce!* bitting problem. I have seen two other ferret owners whom she has bitten to the bone of their hand. I was told about her by the same person who told me about the chubby baby at Noah's Pets. She told me how this little albino girl accually lunged at hands, so I couldnt, and cant, help but wonder what would give her cause to react so. I think perhaps she may have been hurt in the past, but that is hard to tell for sure of course. Still, now I too bear my share of tooth marks, and this little girl does bite hard! Lizzy, (her current name, that may change yet) gets along fabulously with our other kids, but with people she bites hard, drawing blood almost every time, she has even bitten without a pause, and held on, even when my hand was covered in bitter apple. Needless to say I have my task laid out before me! She is a Hagen's Ferret, and truly beautiful, and I think she will be very very sweet once she realizes that biting hands that hard just isn't what good ferret kids do. Still, this is the reason we got her.. to help her with her biting problems, in a safe and loving home. My greatest fear having been that this girl would have been picked up simply because she was *Pretty* and then as soon as she bites she gets stuck in a cage and forgotten, or worse. Having experience with ferrets from biters, (Our Bosley Monster still likes to sneak up behind you and tries (often succeeding) to jump up and bite your thigh or calf if your not playing with him and he wants to play. And if you have just socks on, (he doesnt do it with bare feet) you can bet that Max is going to be around to give your toes a nip to sick babies, (Goddess bless you Melissa and Hope, check out http://www.robandmellisa.com/hope.html, if you dont know this tale our Magic having come to us looking just like hope, and weighing only 220 gms, and also having two deaf ferrets, I hope Ill be able to help Lizzy learn that love comes from hands as well as hearts.

Im checking Lizzy to see if she is deaf as well, and from what signs Ive seen so far, she may be, though her lack of attention to the loud noises simply could be due to her attention being everywhere!

Well, thats my new and wonderful news. I look forward to posting some pictures of our fluffy little Lizzy girl soon

Hugs and Dooks to all!

Momma Cheryl, Daddy Jason, and ..
Fuzzy babies - Otto-bo-botto, Maximus Ferretus, The Jacques, Bosley Monster, Belly Belle, Magic Man, and Little Lizzy.
Hedge Hog girl - Princess Dotti
And the fat cats, Angus, Fergus, and Loki the much maligned.

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