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I had finally found a good ferret vet and took Ozzy in- she said right away it looked like adrenal. She did the surgery a few days later, but unfortunately he crashed and she was unable to save him. He had tumors on both his right and left sides, and I guess they were deeply embedded surrounded but blood vessels and such.. She said this was a sign that they were probably malignant. Sometimes I wonder if I had had a good vet to go to 6 mo ago if it would have been different!
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Nancy! Thank you soo much for posting those!

Kemasa... I am so sorry the outcome is what it was... rest assured he has not left you though!
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my ferret died a month ago from throwing a blood cot.... the night after his surgery for his adrenal tumor.. I stayed during the entire surgery in the waiting room all worried about Spam's surgery,.. just wanted to be there in case anything went wrong or I had to make the decision to put him down if it was too bad. She said it was a success, everything was fine, and he had to stay the night there. Later that night before she left (about 9pm) she said he was lapping up some chicken baby food and doing fine..... I had work that night at midnight until 8:30am, and at 8:30 I was going to go straight to the vet's to pick him up... well I came in with carrier in hand and ready to pay the 600 dollars IN CASH for him. I was led into a room, still all excited and not realizing they were taking me into a different room.. not an examination room......

vet comes in... we had some brief small talk about how I worked all night and stayed up the night before worrying about my baby... finally only to have her break the news that he died. I was in shock. I didn't react at all... not until they brought out his body for me to say goodbye to..... that's when I broke down... she did an autopsy but it was too long after his death to tell what went wrong. she thinks it was a blood clot thrown, because the surgery site looked fine, and she's operated on hundreds of ferrets before so I trust her a lot.

I don't know.. I was considering two ferret kits next year from a responsible breeder, but no..... I decided against it finally. no more ferrets for me.... they're wonderful and loving but I loved spam just too much... I don't think I could deal with new ferrets.

I have his ashes on a shelf in a tin.. he was cremated by himself.. I am bringing him to my new apartment this Sunday, because I promised him a new life there... one without my evil step father condemning him to his cage all the time because he "smells" and was too rambunctious..... I let him out when he wasn't around, but even then my step father could "smell that he was upstairs"... god I hated him. 23 and yet I have to abide by the rules of a newcomer to the family? I think not.

at least I don't have to deal with him anymore come sunday.... why he has NO problem with my rats, mice, or any other pet is beyond me.. just my ferret and only when he was sick and stinkier than usual because of adrenal.. and then he wanted me to just let him die and get a new one! he now tells me how he was right, because I wound up spending close to 1000 dollars on blood tests, vet bills, and his surgery just to have him die anyway..

sorry.. that was a rant, it probably doesn't belong here but I had to let that out.
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Hi, all. This is my first post on this forum; and unfortunately, it has to be condolences. I am very sorry DragonTamer about your Spam. It is always difficult to lose a pet, but to think you've done the best for it, and that it was supposedly successful has to make it even harder.

Thank you Nancy for the vivid pic of an adrenal symptom. At first I was shocked, as it isn't everyday one is flashed by a ferret tush. However, I promptly grabbed up both of my girls to check them and was relieved to see no problem.
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Dude has adrenal disease he's going in next week for his operation. The strange thing is this spring he didn't shed like my other ferrets did. It wasn't until mid July that he started to shed but it didn't stop. Now he has mutiple blad spots on his back. I feel bad for the little guy he's been through so much.
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my ferret, snowbell, was just diagnosed with adrenal disease. she didnt lose her hair at all if u ask me, but the vet said if u see the skin on her tail when slide against the grain than shes had some hair loss. she is about 6 years old. her only sign of the disease was her swollen vulva, so we did some blood tests, and her sex hormones were up, when she shouldnt have any at all, shes spayed. so now we're getting her monthly lupron injections, and the doctor gave her a double dose about a week ago, and now her vuvla seems to be getting smaller!
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adrenal gland disease.

HEllo everyone. Im new to this site. Was wondering if anyone can give me some advice or opinions. My ferret is 6 yrs old. About 2 years ago she was diagnosed with insolinoma. She had the surgery and everything was fine. Now about 2 months ago i noced alot of hairloss, took her to the vet and it was the adrenal gland. So ive been pretty much going crazy ever since. I decided not to put her through surgery considering she already been through one and her age. about 2 wks ago she recieved her first lupron shot, But now im noticing her vulva is getting really swollen, it wasent before. I guess my main question is, Is it normal for it to get swollen even though she recieved the lupron? Does anyone know how long it takes to start working? Or does it mean that its malignant and the lupron isnt working? If anyone knows any info plz get back to me.. Any advice would help.
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Im a new ferret owner and mine are indoor and because of this the vet suggested that the male get a vasectomy for he can bring the female out of heat and it decreases their chances of adrenal disease. (Outdoor ferrets should be spayed/neutered unless your a breeder) ;D
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adrenal disease, doing fine, hair loss

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