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Behavior troubles

I have had Jasper for 3 years now and he is the sweetest most well behaved child in the house, So much more so then my husband and kids.

A year ago I took in another ferret, Frankie, from a home that couldn't keep him anymore. There in lies the issue. Frankie refuses to use the litter box, He does go in corners but if I put a box there he will go to a different corner. I have tried putting a box in EVERY corner and then he just goes in the floor where ever, except the boxed corners.

It has gotten to the point that Jasper has begun to think he can go where ever too. I love my ferrets dearly, and with the bond a ferret creates to his owners, getting rid of Frankie is just not an option for me.

I do keep both in a cage. They are let out every day while supervised, but both actually prefer their toy filled tripple level habitate and if the door is left open during play time they tend to climb right back in, so I don't think it's an issue where they do not like being in their cage.

Any advice would be most appreciated!
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what kind of litter do you use? how old is frankie? do you let them out before they do their duty in the cage or box?
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Frankie is almost 3 and I've tried many litters over the last year, including newspaper. The last one I tried was the scented pellet stuff that petsmart had with the newest litter box im trying.
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I've found that my two ferrets don't like litter boxes(I too have tried several types)....I use Yesterdays news and cover half of the bottom of their cage. Not as neat as I like but they're happy. That's all that really matters right.
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I might try that, seems it would be easier to just remove the dirty paper then take out the trays every night and scrub them down.
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i use cat food as a positive reenforcement treat only a few peices at a time tho...this is what i did...when i saw him backing up id grab him and pu him in his litte and wouldnt let him out untill he pooped then i gave him a treat now he goes to it but not always in the right spot so now when he goes in the same corner in the right spot ge gets treats..

you hve to change how you train them as they learn
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In my case, having three boys is very messy and hard to potty train. If Frankie isnt deaf , when he tries to go to the bathroom, pick him up and place him in the litter box, remember to say a VERY stern NO.
If he is deaf, pick him when he tries to go but as your picking him up be sure to pinch his scruff just a bit.

This sounds stupid and repetitive but it works for my kids.

Also, is your litter box clean and big enough for two? I had to upgrade in size to a bunny bin because one of my boys just doesn't like shoving his bum onto the corner bins. Hes VERY fussy. Is he even smells poo he wont go near it.

I find that pellets, long and green work best for my kids. if its anything else they think its dig time.
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litter box, litter boxes

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