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Bladder Control & Vision Problem?

I just recently bought a second ferret! She's adorable and her name is Norma Jean. I'll get some pictures of her soon. She's getting along great with Buttercup; they're running around, wrestling, and getting lots of exercise. She was really more of a present for Buttercup than a present for myself, so she would have a little friend to keep her company during the day.

Anyway, here's the issue. I've noticed little puddles of pee around the past couple of days. And just earlier tonight, when I was gathering them up to put them away, I noticed Buttercup had a wet spot on her side, and it was urine. I'm wondering a few things... first, do you think Norma Jean has a bladder control problem? Also, do you think it's an ongoing thing, or just because she's in a new place and excited (we just got her on Monday)?

We have some other issues we need to address with her, too. She moves around pretty wildly and frantically (I guess that's a good word for it). It's not like she's scared and freaking out or anything. A part of us thinks that she's just not used to walking on the tile floor here, but it also seems like she may or may not have some sort of vision problem. She just seems to act real goofy, which again, could just be her being hyper.

Anyway, thanks for the help!
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Corey, I didn't want you to think this post would go unnoticed...
I think the bladder issue could be a few things:
She could be unsuer of her new surroundings or maybe some sort of medical issue?
I have not heard of this before and will see what I can find out for you.
Does she pee anywhere she chooses in her cage as well or is it only when she is out playing? Do you know how old she is?
As for the vision situation, what symptoms is she showing to lead you to think that? how so is she acting goofy? Does she bottle brush (poof up) her tail at all? Has she made any unusual sounds that yoru other fert doesn't?
I have hard wood floors in my kitchen & dining room... my ferrets tend to slide sideways when they are running too fast, it is actually quite hilarious.
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Her "goofy" behavior is really just the way she walks around. She more stumbles than walks, I guess. When she's inside of the cage, too, on one of the levels and I open the door, she still sits there and bites the cage like she can't get out. I have to reach in and poke at her so she knows the door is open, then she kind of creeps down the ramp and out of the door.

A lot of her walking issues are, I think, just getting used to the new place. She used to be in a small, glass tank-thing at the pet store with 4 other ferrets, and bedding all over the place. Now she's in a cage with blankets, and in rooms with tile and carpet. I don't think she's got the vision problem anymore; we've been wagging fingers at her and she seems to respond well. She even made a valiant leap from the bed to the top of a dresser yesterday; she fell short, but I'll take that as a sign she can see well.

She does use the litter box in the cage. Outside, it's like she just goes wherever. When Buttercup goes outside of the cage it's always against a wall or in a corner. Norma Jean just lets it go anywhere, heh... including my bed earlier today. I also think that might just be her being unsure/excited, and since it's still less than a week having her, I should let it pan out more before i jump to any conclusions.

Thanks for the reply!
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I have two ferrets and testing out a 3rd one that I just got today from the vet.

It sounds like your ferret dosn't have a vision problem, because my one ferret Jessie acts exactly the same as yours, only she is litter boxed trained now. Plus, the ferret I just got today, his name is Samson, is blind and has Pancratic Tumors. Because he is blind, he is very sensitve to touch and gets scared easy if you touch him and may even bite. You have to let him sniff you first before you can pick him up and be very careful around him.

When I first had Jessie, she would go potty anywhere and everywhere too, she didn't care. All you need to do is train your ferret to use the litter box. It may take some time and a lot of cleaning up and putting her in the box every 30 minutes untill she gets the hang of it. I am guessing your new ferret is still a kit, so I really would doubt that she has any medical problems, but I wouldn't rule it out. Just mention it to your vet and have them check it out just to make sure. Good luck with your new pet!
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I agree about the insecure thing...It's a new home with lots of exciting things to smell on...Seems like every new ferret iv'e had through the years. Just hasn't enough time to get to the litter box in time LOL

She also may be marking her new territory

But the way she walkes on is kinda weird...Has she had any broken legs through the years? A sprain?

Maybe the vet should check her out, just in case?

Good luck with you new furbaby :party:
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My friend's ferret got bladder probs when she was older, turned out to be caused by a tumor. If your ferret is very young then this is unlikely. Norma Jean probably just needs to adjust to her new surroundings. Although if she is straining, passing blood, or continues soiling herself then a vet check is indicated.
As far as vision, I have found ferrets to be very near-sighted.
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broken leg, litter box, pet store

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