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Cage ramps...HELP!

I had a question for you all! I hope you guys can help me out with this. For those of you who don't know, I just recently got an older ferret name Samson from the vet. He has trouble getting around due to his rear leg weakness, plus he is blind, has low blood sugar and has Pancratic Tumors. We decide to keep him, because our ferrets and him seem to be getting along really well. They now are in the same cage together.

My question is about finding ramps or small stairs or something to help Samson get in and out of the cage. The cage has a stand and the cage entrance is about 16" off the ground. Do you guys have any ideas? I really could use some help with this, I want to make his life as easy as possible.

My first idea was pillows, but they are to easy for them to move around and are not as stable. Right now, I use a file box and I have a pillow next to it. My ferrets have no problem using this method, but Samson on the other hand has some problems with it. I am open to any ideas and suggestions. Thank you!
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Hmm, *thinking*

Do you have a picture of your cage by chance so I could see what it looks like?

I have a taller cage & it originally came with a stand as well. I too wanted to be able to leave the door open so the brats can get in & out of the cage to go potty. I took my cage off the stand & put it directly on the floor inetead so when I open the bottom door it actually rests on the floor.

If that isn't an option you could always get some wood & make a ramp for it??
I'll think some more on this one for ya though
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Couldnt you use a ramp or something? Take a plank and cover it with a blanket....than it would be easier for him to get in and out by him self
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What i done for my fuzzies, was make a ramp out of wood, and I stapled carpet to the wood so that they would have an easier time getting in and out of the cage. It seems to work pretty well for my fuzzies. The less climbing your new fuzzy has to do would be alot easier on him, since he has hind leg problems. Hope we have all been of help.
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Thanks for your replys. Is the ramp like one of those wedge shaped wooden ramps or did you use a flat piece of wood and tie it to the cage some how? I think I will try that out, but I was wondering which way would be best...

I do have a stand for my cage and could put it on the floor if it wasnt for the fact that due to space issues it is nice to be able to put stuff under the cage. Thats why I was trying to find another way about it. I plan on getting a bigger cage then what I have, because I think that mine is kind of small for 3 ferrets. Luckly, they get the run of the room most of the time and only get locked up for maybe 6 hours max in thier cage and that is only If Chris and I are both gone at work or something.

Thanks alot for your suggestions!
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