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Cheweasel type toys

I recently got my ferrets some of the Marshall version Cheweasel toys. For those who don't know, they're the chew toys that are edible so the ferrets can gnaw away without you worrying about them getting blockages. Anyway, Vin and Starkes absolutely -love- them. Which is good, because they're the two I really got them for since they're going through the teething/biting phase and I figured it might help if they had something they could really chew on. The only problem is that the chew toys get really sticky and keep leaving this residue in the fur around their mouths and all over their feet. It mats the fur around their mouth and on top of their paws as well as making -everything- stick to their feet, from litter to fuzz. I'm sure this can't be the most comfortable thing for them. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone found a solution to this? Personally, I haven't been able to come up with anything, but I figured it was worth a shot.
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I don't own ferrets but you may want to use Quick Bath - its a huge wet wipy for animals or maybe a hypoalergenic baby wipe to easily clean their feet and mouths after playtime. This may be able to cut down on the stickyness without have to give a full bath everyday.
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I know a lot of people who have had the same problem. When they've been chewing on the same CheWeasel for a while it gets wet, sticky, and messy. It sticks in the fur as you said, and anyone who has ever tried cleaning sticky gunk out of ferret fur knows it's quite the task! lol
I really like Dena's idea However, if you don't have the wipes on hand and don't want to be bathing them everytime they gnaw on a cheweasel, I would just take it away from them before it gets to that "messy, sticky" stage. Either take it away or give them another "dry" one. You can also try kong toys--they do make them in a ferret size. You can put treats inside of them. It satiates the younger ferrets' need to chew and doesn't get as messy and sticky as the cheweasels. Have you tried foamy fries?

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I've seen the foamy fries on but I haven't tried them yet. Do the ferrets seem to really enjoy them? I picked the chewtoys orginally because I wanted something for Vin to chew on besides my hand and they were all the local petstores carry. I've also seen that Cheweasels come in different flavors now. Has anyone used any of them?
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chew toy, chew toys

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