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Concerning Ferret eating behavior!

i got my kit about a week ago hes 15 weeks give or take and hes a true albino and everything has be awsome until i started givng him a few peices of cat kibble as treats for potty training and positive reenforcement, the problem is that the second his toung touchs anything other then his normal 8-1 food he has violent spaz attacks he jumps up in the air flips over bitting anything he can and sqweeking he has actualy drawn a fare bit of blood from my lost as to why and what to do i dont wan to punish him by physical means and i can never put him i his cage for very long he usualy free roams the majority of my appartment only my room at night

if anyone can atleast tell me why hes doing this it would be awsome!
the only thing i can think of is primal instinctive feeding habits..i ried giving him a very tiny tiny peice of cooked beef and thats when he had the most violent and scarring attack...hes also starting to do it with a cat toy i gave him

he seems very possesive...i want to get another ferret but im not sure now

any tips or ideas?
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anyone have any kind of a clue?
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Stop trying to feed him other foods for one. If he reacts that way, just stop.

As for punishment, obviously something is wrong with him trying new foods and such, and its not his fault. But if he EVER bites you, GRAB HIS SCRUFF.

Hold it for 5 seconds, on the ground kind of sway him lightly back and forth while holding his scruff. Dont hurt him though. This is the way some frerrets tell eachother 'No no!'.

If a ferret show posseiveness, getting anothe ferret is not a good idea.
I would put it off.
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when you say he jumps in the air and flips around trying to bite things and making noise it sounds to me like he may be excited and just trying to play.
you should try to introduce him to another ferret and see how he reacts before committing to get another one. Ferrets can play pretty rough with each other, especially when establishing dominance.
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Ok I wrote three paragraphs and it logged me out.

I know its an old post but if anyone wants to know. Ferrets do a "war dance" when they are very happy or excited. Instead of explaining it watch videos on youtube like this one youtube watch?v=9Xowr0vMU_U&feature=related

also ferrets bite to play, they play very rough with eachother but you should discourage them biting you with a gentle flick when play biting on the end of the nose and harder if it agressive. However if they bite and hold on like this one does to this guys coa youtube watch?v=O-Usq2Y8A-o&feature=related I suggest grabbing them by the scruff and placing them in the cage for 5 mins.

Ferrets love playing together so please buy 2 ferrets. However if you cant afford 2 ask the shelter if they ahve any who dony like other ferrets (either because they are attention seekers or aggressive to others for some reason). Remember if you get one your responsible for being his best friend.

Anyone looking to get a ferret then good! they are amazing pets but DO RESEARCH! you need to with any pet but ferrets arent any usual pet... they have diet issues, allergies, hyper active personalities, funny sleeping habbits and any females need special attention from a male or a vet or she will die. So look stuff up!
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