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Exclamation Crapping everwhere :O

Hi guys just want to know what i can do about this lil probem, i have a got a male ferret that i have had for about 6/7weeks he is now about 12weeks old.

When i got him him he was litter trained but because he grew pretty quickly i extended his cage to give him more room (did this bout a week ago),ever since i did this it seems he doesnt want to use the litter tray as much as before, I mean he does use it but now he just seems to crap where the old litter box was and anywhere else!! Drives me crazy!!

Why would he be doing this and what can i do to stop it?? Is there a smell they dislike so i can put it everywhere bar his litter tray??

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First I would try to remove any litter smells from the bottom of the cage and then maybe you could try to put two litter boxes in the cage at opposite ends (try putting some fresh poop in the boxes so there's a hint of where to go). If you see the ferret about to go somewhere outside the boxes, pick him up and put him in the box. I wouldn't put irritating smells in the cage simply because I wouldn't want to be irritated in my place of rest so a ferret probably wouldnt either.
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What shape litter box are you using? Ferrets don't usually like the triangle, corner style boxes because they can't get thier entire body into it.

Rule of Thumb for litter training - The more boxes the better the hit rate! Try adding a box where he is having accidents.

Be sure to clean all accidents with a pet safe enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle.
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Also you can try getting some fleece material & cut it into squares & secure a corner of each square to the cage. I have found this helps a ton! They now thing that fleece is a blankie & therefor will not potty on that particular shelf.

hope this helps!
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I would put fuzzy blankets, toys, food and water where you don't want him to go potty in. I usually cover the whole floor with blankets.

Depending on the size cage you have him in, you may need to put more then one litter box in the cage. I have a 4-6 levels cage and I put a litter box on the bottom and top levels and then surround it with blankets.

Some ferrets are stubborn though and refuse to use the litter box. I wouldn't use anything smelly to ward him off, trust me it only makes it worse because they want to cover up the bad smell!

The only other thing to do is to pick him up and put him in the litter box every time he is about to go in the wrong spot. If you don't catch him in time and he went poo on the floor, scoop the poop and stick it in the litter box, and then stick him in the litter box and let him sniff the poo so he knows that is where he is suppose to go. When he does go in the litter box give him a treat. But Watch Out, because they are smart and will start faking going poo and pee just to get a treat out of you! Mine did it to me, thats when I started watching them carefully and making sure they actually go poo and pee before giving them a treat.

Once your ferret realizes that he gets a treat when he goes in the litter box, he will be more then willing to use the litter box. Once he goes in the litter box 70-90% of the time, thats when you need to cut the treats back to every now and then when he goes instead of everytime he goes.

Good luck, and remember, some ferrets are just not meant to be litter boxed trained! I have one in paticular that refuses to go in the litter box despite how many times I stick him in there and give him treats. Luckly, he at least goes in the litter box when he is in his cage. But unfortunatly for me, I get to step in poo every morning!=P

Sampson is the only one though, out of three ferrets that is 40% litter boxed trained. I know some owners who can never get their ferrets litter boxed trained, inside or outside the cage. My other two ferrets(Buddy and Jessie) go in the litter box about 98% of the time. It is good to start them while they are young so its burned in thier heads. I think the reason why Sampson is so stubborn is because he wasn't mine since he was a baby, I adopted him from the vet and I have a feeling he isn't use to being outside his cage. He is also blind and his rear legs are weak, so between that and his age and his history, I guess it will be an endless battle with him.

Hey, let me know how it goes, and hey, if I get Sampson litter boxed trained outside his cage I'll let you know!=)
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