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This may be a dumb question,but when I got Norman his paperwork says that he is de-sented,he smells is normal musky self most the time,but every now and then he has this revolting odor. It is like he passes the most horrid gas ever and is stickes to you,I had to change my clothes to get the stench to go away.Is this a sign tht he is not really de-sented? Or do Ferrets normally have such putrid gas? Also, ae ferres normally itchy? Norman seems to scratch so much. any help would be grealy appreciated.
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I'm going to have to look further into this one... the gas could be related to the food you are feeding. What are you feeding him?

As far as itchy skin... yes ferrets normally have dry skin that causes them to scratch a lot... however if your house is too dry it will intensify it for them. This is why it is said not to over bathe them (however I believe they can play in the water as much as they want) & when you do bathe them use a good ferret or kitten shampoo with good conditioners in it!

I'm sure Nancy will come along with a little more information on the male scent issue as my male does not have this problem.
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Right now I am feeding him Purina one chicken and rice cat food( that is what the shelter told me I should use) I am going to change it to a good ferret food though.Maybe that will help
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what does it smell like? Intestinal gas or something like body odor? If it smells like intestinal gas, it could very well be his diet or he may have a medical problem such as IBD or ECE...
How old is he and how are his stools? Are they normal or irregular (runny, seedy, mucousy, tarry, any color other than brown, etc)?
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Norman is 2 1/2 ,his gas is nothing like body odor it could be intestional gas. I am going to get some ferret food to mix wit the last of the cat food I have.His stools apear to be normal,but with him being my first ferret I have no comparison.I am going to call a vet tomorrow,if nothing else then for a check up.
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cat food, ferret food

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