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Easy way to clean cages?

Hi everyone, I have found an easy way to clean my ferrets cage of all the food and litter debris that can and always does occur. the vacuum cleaner!!! I was vacuuming and the ferrets were sniffing the vacuum just running around bouncing and I decided to try it and it totally works, just use one of the hose attachments and viola. Takes about 5 minutes and it's easier then taking the cage down and all of that. My female ferret even likes put her back against the hose while it's on! It's a low power vacuum so all it does is stand her hair up and makes her go crazy doing the dook dook and wardancing all over me :-). Can anyone think of a reason not to use a vacuum for routine cleaning of the cage?
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There is nothing wrong with using the vaccum (as long as you don't care about the gunk that will get stuck in it)but you still have to wash and scrub the cage. I like to clean out the litter and food bits every day and I give the cage a good scrubbing once or twice a week or when ever they have an accident and miss the litter box. Welcome to Paw Talk and the wonderful world of ferrets! I have two myself and I plan on adopting my third in three weeks or as soon as my application is accepted.
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my easy way to clean my ferret cage is to hose them down and then where needed i use a sponge and some bleach water to kill any germs
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hello everyone, Im new here and its been eons since I used a bb to post anything so I hope Im doing it correctly. I adopted 3 ferrets, 2 male kits, winky and blinky and a lone adult female, pinky. when the boys got big enough I put them in the penthouse and pinky was given what was the nursery for herself as the kits wear her out very quickly, but then its two cages to clean, I too use the vacuum to clean up food and litter debris that is dry and not soiled on, but I made the mistake in the beginning of picking up soiled matter too and no matter what I do to the vacuum and hose I will never be totally rid of the 'stink' . I am a tad anal about the cages and wash them down each morning while the crew is playing in the room or playpen, its just nicer for me to see the floors and metal bars clean, but I know I overdue some. Since we all sleep in the same room and we share it with a 10 year old grouchy ferret minding mix breed dog cleanliness is an issue. whoops. hi, my name is helen. sorry about jumping in without introduction
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